56 Dean Street Liability Accepted - Offers Being Negotiated

We're pleased to confirm that liability has been formally accepted for the victims we are fighting for, and compensation offers have been made.

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Given the nature of the breach, our Data Leak Lawyers have been confident right from the start that we would be able to successfully settle claims for those affected by the leak. Although this can be a complex area of law, meaning you need the help of specialist Data Leak Lawyers like us who have the right experience in helping people for such leaks, we always knew that we would succeed with our action.

We are acting for a number of victims of the leak and we continue to take cases on for those who have been affected.

Systemic Failures

We've said all along that our focus is the bigger picture as we fight for the rights of victims of data leaks to make sure that data controllers like the NHS take all necessary steps to prevent leaks and breaches. Right now we have the technology to prevent what happened at the 56 Dean Street Clinic from happening, but such technology was not used, and the leak happened as a result.

In our eyes, the member of staff who sent the email is a victim in this as well - this happened through systemic failures which were entirely preventable.

What We Do

We're specialist Data Breach Lawyers fighting for the rights of those affected to access the compensation they are entitled to as a victim of the breach. We're here to help - our dedicated team who are helping the 56 Dean Street victims have the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to appropriately fight your case.

We meet with our clients' individually in London and we have agreements in place with the solicitors for the opponent to ensure that any court proceedings that may be necessary are brought confidentially with the court. It's worth saying that we don't expect we will need to press down the court route given that we are now at the stage of negotiation, but if we do, you can rest assured that your confidentiality is NOT affected by bringing the claim.

Only our dedicated team helping our 56 Dean Street Clinic clients have access to our client's information, and we secure all files and data so you can make your claim confidentially.

Starting Your Claim

Starting your claim is easy - and now that we have the admission of liability and offers on the table, money can be set aside for victims to claim from.

In law, there are always legal timeframes for making a claim, and some of those timeframes for these cases are on the first anniversary of when the incident occurred.

This means a deadline of September 2016.

It's always best to start a claim as soon as you can anyway, so please get in touch with us if you would like free and no obligation advice about making your claim as a victim.

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Our lawyers and legal team are dedicated to helping the victims of data leaks, data hacks and breaches of confidentiality. It's what we do.

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Compensation Amounts

As of 2022, we have recovered over £1m in data breach damages with average an pay-out of over £6,000 in compensation

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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