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You should speak to our expert team for specialist, tailored advice about how a data protection breach compensation case works.

The first task that we have is to take the case on with our No Win, No Fee promise, and investigate the claim with the view to persuading the Defendant to admit responsibility. That's the initial focus, and when it comes to the amount you could claim for, we'll usually investigate that aspect of the case at a later time.

Each claim is different and can affect the victim in a number of ways. We can use a combination of our own expertise and experience - together with expert reports - to value your claim.

The important thing to remember is that any data protection breach compensation amount that's awarded is closely tied to:

  • The nature of the data exposed
  • Who the data has been exposed to
  • How badly the data breach has affected the victim

What Do You Claim For?

In a data protection breach compensation case, the claim for monetary damages is split into two parts: General Damages and Special Damages.

Here's an outline on each part that the data protection breach compensation amount is made up of:

GENERAL DAMAGES: this is for any distress, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the data breach. This is to compensate you for how the data breach has affected you personally. Generally speaking, the more private and sensitive the data is, the more the claim could be worth.

We also recognise that different victims can be affected in different ways. How badly the breach has affected you can also make a difference as to how much the claim is worth.

SPECIAL DAMAGES: this covers any losses and expenses caused by the breach. This could be compensation for any financial losses suffered from fraud. This is particularly important for anyone who falls victim to fraud.

Special Damages can also cover any expenses for extra protection you may need as a result of a breach. This could include the costs of credit-monitoring services.

If the data breach has affected your ability to work then you could claim for lost earnings. In short, any loss that's directly associated with the breach can be something that you may be able to recover damages for.

Combined, the General Damages and the Special Damages make up the final data protection breach compensation amount you will be awarded.

How Much Can You Claim In A Data Protection Breach Compensation Case?

Your data protection breach compensation amount is based on a number of factors that can be specific to you and the incident you're a victim of.

We can give you some very general guidance about the amounts you could receive for a data protection breach claim, but the proper way to value a case is by instructing expert lawyers.

The advice below is for general guidance only, and it's important to remember that your claim could be worth way more, or way less, than what you think it could be worth.

Some cases involving the loss of control of basic data can attract damages valuations between £1,000.00 and £3,000.00.

A case where more important data could be valued between £2,000.00 and £4,000.00.

In a case where there's a significant loss of data, we would look to claim amounts in the region of £3,000.00 to £5,000.00.

One of the key data breach types is medical data breaches. Some cases where medical data has been disclosed can be valued in the region of £15,000.00 to £25,000.00.

There are cases that can be settled in the hundreds of thousands of pounds region as well. Check out the list of some of the biggest celebrity data protection breach compensation amounts here!

No Win, No Fee

For the victims, we know it's not just the data protection breach compensation amount that's an important factor to consider.

You need access to justice that isn't going to let you down or leave you with a huge legal bill to pay for if things go wrong.

That's why we offer No Win, No Fee guarantees for data protection breach claims we accept. You can read more about our No Win, No Fee on our advice page here.

For more advice about starting your data protection breach compensation claim, please contact the team today.

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