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British Airways Data Breach Group Action

We are helping Claimants who have joined our British Airways Group Action claim compensation if they have been affected by the BA data breach incidents in 2018.

If you were involved in either of these data breach incidents, you could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation from British Airways with our NO WIN, NO FEE representation.

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Are You Eligible To Join The British Airways Data Breach Compensation Action?

You may be eligible to claim in the British Airways data breach compensation action if you made a booking, or changed a booking, between 10.58pm on 21 August 2018 and 9:45pm on 5 September 2018.

British Airways announced in October that customers who made a reward booking between 21st April 2018 and 28th July 2018 may also be affected.

You should have received an email from British Airways to confirm that you have been affected by the data breach, although British Airways has been heavily criticised for their handling of the breach so far, and we cannot be sure whether all customers have been advised. If you have received notification from British Airways, get in contact with us even if the above time period does not apply. You should be eligible to claim British Airways data breach compensation. 

Some 380,000 people have been affected by the BA data breach. British Airways, as the largest airliner in the UK, has an important duty to protect the data of the customers they hold. The fact that hackers have been able to access incredibly personal and sensitive data for such a large volume of people is simply unacceptable.

Anyone from around the world who is affected by the British Airways data breach can join our action. The breach falls within UK jurisdiction, so claimants outside the UK should be eligible to join our group.

Will I Win a BA Compensation Claim?

This was a sustained attack which took place for more than two weeks.

In other actions where payment data is compromised, we often find that the payment information exposed is only partial information. In the British Airways data breach, full card numbers, expiry data information and security codes (CVV) on the reverse of cards have been compromised, together with the personal information of the customer.

Victims of the British Airways data breach are at an immediate risk of fraud.

Given the number of people affected, the nature of the BA data comprised and the fact that the data was exposed for a prolonged period of time, we’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for victims of the action. British Airways has already accepted that they will pay compensation to those who suffer a financial loss, so we’re confident we will win the action.

No Win, No Fee BA Compensation Now

We’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for our British Airways data breach compensation action now.

This means that we can waive our legal fees if the case does not win, although we’re confident that we will be able to win the action in any event.

We offer No Win, No Fee arrangements in data breach compensation actions because we understand that most people cannot afford to pay the legal fees if a case fails.

Our No Win, No Fee representation is simply designed to protect you.

Why Choose Us For BA Compensation Claims?

Choosing the right law firm is an important step toward recovering the compensation you’re entitled to through a British Airways data breach claim.

We’ve been launching data breach compensation actions and individual cases for years. We’re now working on over 20 different data breach actions and we’ve been involved in some of the biggest consumer action cases across the UK.

The potential for a £500m fine for breaching the new GDPR that came into force in May this year is not enough to make sure that the real victims of the British Airways data breach are fairly compensated. Our mission is simple: to make sure that victims of the BA data breach are entitled to receive compensation. Call us today to discuss how we can help you gain the British Airways compensation that you deserve. 


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