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We represent a huge amount of people claiming for council data breach compensation. It's one of the most common types of breaches people ask us to help them with.

Of the thousands of people who have asked for our specialist help, a large number relate to council data breach cases.

Don't suffer in silence: you could be entitled to claim council data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Can I Claim Council Data Breach Compensation?

You could be entitled to claim council data breach compensation if your data has been exposed by a local government organisation or an agency working on their behalf.

Councils, like any other organisations in England and Wales, have a duty to comply with important data protection legislation. If they fail to keep your data secure or misuse the data, whether intentionally or by accident, you may have a legal case for council data breach compensation.

A council data breach claim can also include incidents involving organisations that are under the control of a local government authority. Many of the compensation claims we take forward arise from breaches involving social services, as one example, and councils are the local education authorities for schools as well.

When you make a council compensation claim, you can be entitled to:

  • General Damages: for any distress and suffering caused.
  • Special Damages: for any losses and expenses caused, like time off work due to the distress, or financial losses from fraud or theft.

A council data breach compensation claim can encompass general breaches, leaks and hacks. Local authorities and the agents they hire to work on their behalf must comply with the law. If they fail to do so, the victim could be entitled to claim compensation from the council for the breach of sensitive data.

Making A Council Data Breach Compensation Claim

Making a council data breach compensation claim with the Data Leak Lawyers is easy and hassle-free. There's a reason as to why we've been fighting for justice for data breach victims for so many years, with thousands of people coming to us for help and data breach advice.

All our initial advice is available to you on a free, no-obligation basis. We can usually tell you right away if we think you have a case that could succeed, and if you do, we may be able to offer you No Win, No Fee representation.

Making a claim usually means:

  • Submitting a Letter of Claim to the council we believe is responsible for the breach. This sets out why we think they're at fault, and we ask that they accept liability as soon as possible;
  • Fighting for your rights to justice: if the council tries to defend the claim and we’re confident we can succeed, we can fight them;
  • Obtaining expert evidence to help us to accurately value your data breach claim;
  • Settling your claim for a fair amount that's reflective of what you have been through.

It can be a relatively straightforward process, and we can do all the legwork for you.

You can find more about Data Protection Breach Compensation Amounts on our advice page here...

No Win, No Fee Justice For Victims Claiming Compensation For A Council Data Breach

We can offer to represent you in your claim for council data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have been the victim of a council data breach incident, and we're confident that the blame for the incident is with the council, we can take the case forward and obtain the compensation you deserve.

As big believers in access to justice, we think that it's only fair that you can access justice without the worry of having to have a private-paying agreement in place. We also think you should be able to claim on the basis that legal fees can be written off if the claim doesn't succeed.

That's why we offer No Win, No Fee representation if you're eligible and you agree to the terms of the paperwork.

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