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UK Data Breach Damages

"If you are a UK citizen and have been the victim of a data leak, a data breach or a data hack - you are entitled to claim compensation for damages and distress."

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uk data breach damages



Claiming Data Breach Damages In The UK

You could be entitled to claim data breach damages in the UK if you've been the victim of a data leak, a data breach or a data hack.

The law is on your side; whether you were a victim of a breach before or after the May 2018 GDPR law changes.

Companies and organisations have a duty to protect the data they hold for you. As 'Data Controllers', they must ensure that your data is not abused or exposed. If it is, you're legally entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation against them.

Claiming for data breach damages in the UK means receiving monetary compensation for any distress caused; any injury caused; and for any financial loss you have suffered. You don't have to have suffered a financial loss to claim because you can still claim damages for any distress caused by being a victim of a data breach.

We know just how distressing a data breach can be. Once your personal, private and sensitive data has been exposed, it's usually impossible to undo the damage that has been done.

As soon as the data is out there, how can you get it back?

In most cases, you simply can't. You're entitled to claim data breach damages in accordance with UK law, and we can represent you for a case.

How Much Can You Claim For Data Breach Damages In The UK?

The amount you could be entailed to claim for data breach damages in the UK can depend on a number of factors.

These can include:

  • The nature of the data that has been exposed
  • The extent of data about you that has been exposed
  • Who the data has been exposed to
  • The impact that this particular data can have on your social and work life

Generally speaking, the more serious the data breach, the more in data breach damages you may be entitled to claim under UK law. Most people are more distressed when it comes to more sensitive and personal data, such as medical information. The type of data and who it has been exposed to are two key elements in a legal case.

It's important to know that each case is assessed on its own individual merits. For general guidance, based on our expertise, some very basic valuations for cases can be as follows:

  • Data breach damages in the UK could be valued between £1,000.00 and £3,000.00 for the loss of control of basic data
  • Data breach damages could be valued at a higher rate of between £3,000.00 and £4,000.00 for more important data that has been exposed
  • In cases where the incident is a serious breach of (for example) sensitive medical data, we could value the damages claim in the region of £15,000.00 to £25,000.00

It can all depend on the key factors above.

There are cases that have settled for hundreds of thousands of pounds because of who the victim was and how their private information was exposed. You can read more about those cases here...

Free Advice And No Win, No Fee Help

Whether you've suffered an individual breach, or have been a part of a group breach, we may be able to help you.

Thousands of people have come to us for help to claim for data breach damages in the UK, and our specialist Data Leak lawyers are fighting for justice for victims in over 20 different data breach actions right now.

This is on top of those who are making individual claims with us as well.

Our focus is you, which is why we offer:

  • Free, no-obligation advice

    You tell us what has happened, and we can tell you for free if we think we can help you with a claim. Our office is open seven days a week throughout most of the year, and we're open until 10pm on most weeknights, and we're open on weekends too.

  • No Win, No Fee representation

    Meaning you don't have to pay for our legal fees if the case isn't successful. You can read more about our No Win, No Fee pledge here...

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