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TalkTalk Customer Data Breach Compensation

"Are you a victim of the TalkTalk breach? We are representing victims of the incident and you could be entitled to claim compensation!"

MAY 2019 UPDATE: information for an additional 4,545 customers affected by the 2015 TalkTalk data breach has been found online.

If you are one of the additional customers affected, you can join our action for compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

At the end of 2015, telephone communications giants TalkTalk were the subject of a serious and prolonged cyber attack. The result was that the personal details of 156,959 of its customers were accessed, including 15,656 bank account numbers and sort codes being accessed as part of the attack.

Whilst TalkTalk have said they have contacted customers with advice on how to assure their safety, the scale and nature of this attack is a cause for concern.

A significant attack

The news of the attack came in the wake of the Experian breach which resulted in the details of 15 million T-Mobile customers being hacked from Experian databases. Several class action law suits have been initiated in America with the fallout set to cost Experian a significant amount of money.

Our Data Leak Lawyers are used to representing victims of serious data leaks, and malicious cyber attacks will continue to be at the core of widespread breaches. The worrying news is that there will be more and more large scale cyber attacks as the digital age continues to thrive, and organisations need to do more to secure our data and protect our right to confidentiality.

It is clear that many organisations as data controllers are simply not doing enough.

"...the worrying news is that there will be more and more large scale cyber attacks as the digital age continues to thrive..."

Of course, in cases like the TalkTalk hack, it can go much further. It isn't just personal and confidential information that can be sold on the 'dark web' to scammers who set out to commit acts of fraud, but it can be our entire livelihoods that can be damaged. In today's digital age, it can take seconds to steal thousands of pounds from hacked accounts.

The TalkTalk data breach that occurred on Friday 30th October 2015 is a real cause for concern, despite reassurances from the company. With our Data Leak Lawyers being at the forefront of helping victims of breaches and leaks, we know that these incidents can cause huge amounts of stress for the victims involved. Anyone who has been the victim of a data breach may be entitled to compensation, and our Data Leak Lawyers can help you.

Are you a victim of the TalkTalk breach?

You may be entitled to claim compensation, particularly if the incident has had a distressing affect on you. We represent victims for data breach compensation claims on a specialised no win, no fee arrangement that serves to protect your position.

We are representing victims of the incident - if you would like our help, please contact us on 0800 634 75 75 for confidential advice.

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