Harbottle Breach Compensation Claim

Harbottle GP Surgery - NHS accused of Data Protection Act breach by sharing medical records without consent.

Patient medical records have been shared without consent - this can constitute as a breach of the Data Protection Act.

If your private and personal information has been mishandled or misused then you can be entitled to claim compensation. The Data Protection Act is there to protect you and to allow you to be compensated if an organisation handling your data doesn't handle it safely or correctly.

The public sector is often at the heart of Data Protection breaches and leaks. When it comes to the NHS it can be even more important that they uphold the Data protection Act given our fundamental rights to privacy when it comes to our health and treatment.

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Harbottle GP Surgery Data Protection Breach

The NHS is accused of passing medical records on without the consent of patients following the closure of the Harbottle GP Surgery in Northumberland. This is another example of a serious data protection breach involving the NHS, and the victims of this misuse of private information may be entitled to claim compensation.

For hundreds of patients this has been conducted as an 'automatic transfer' despite no consent being given by the patients whose records have been moved. This can constitute as a breach of the Data Protection Act meaning the patients may be entitled to claim.

Medical records are private and confidential - they should only be shared or disclosed with your express consent.

A common problem our Data Leak Lawyers help people with!

This is one in a long line of Data Protection Act breaches that the NHS and other public sector organisations have been at the centre of. This report comes amidst the breach at London sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street where almost 800 patient's personal contact information was shared with other patients.

Our Data Leak Lawyers are fighting for the rights of Data Protection Act breaches as we speak. We act for patients who have had their records and information shared without consent, and we act for many of the victims claiming for the 56 Dean Street incident as well.

If your records have been passed to anyone without your consent we may be able to assist you with a No Win, No Fee claim for compensation.

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Our work is extremely important. We all have a right to privacy; and our rights when it comes to how our personal data and information is used and handled is enshrined in law. But for too long now organisations have flouted their duties and people have become the victims of widespread scandals where personal information that is sensitive and confidential has been leaked to people who should never have seen it.

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Some of these cases are particulary sensitive. As a firm of lawyers who also take forward large numbers of complex and serious data protection breach compensation claims, we can offer a network of legal experts from our in-house staff to the Barristers we have close relations with, and indeed the lawyers and firms we work with around the world.

The combination of expertise in data compensation and mass consumer actions allows you the confidence to know that we are dedicated to the fight for justice.

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