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"Below is just a small selection of the main Data Breach Group Actions we are currently involved in..."

Data breach compensation claims have become more prominent during the years we have been representing victims on a No Win, No Fee basis. We started our first group / multi-party data action in 2015. Four years on and we are now representing victims in over 25 different major data breach actions.

For many years, people have sought our specialist legal advice and representation in claiming compensation for data breaches, data leaks and cyber hacks. As of early 2019, the average settlement we obtain on victims behalf in respect of major multi-party / group action data breach litigation is £8,500.00. As the frequency of major breaches increases and the impact from those breaches intensifies, we expect this figure to rise.

You can read more about how data breach compensation amounts are calculated on our advice page here.

Our History And Experience Speaks For Itself

Since our first data breach case, we have been at the forefront of pioneering data breach compensation claims.

We are helping people with a wide range of group actions / multi-party actions, from serious breaches of medical information like the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak and the NHS Digital breach, to monumental cases like the Equifax data breach of 2017, the British Airways data breach and Ticketmaster data breach incidents in 2018, and serious breaches of confidence such as the We-Vibe data breach scandal.

In addition to our experience of multi-party claims arising from data breaches, other notable experience includes our appointment to the Steering Committee by the High Court of Justice to conduct what is set to be the biggest consumer action the UK has ever seen, and we have represented a substantial cohort of claimants in other Group Litigation Order actions. Aside from our work in multi-party claims, we also represent substantial numbers of individual claimants that range from medical data leaks to council and social services data breaches.

Some of those cases are particularly sensitive. As a firm of lawyers who also take forward large numbers of complex and serious compensation claims, we can offer a network of legal experts from our in-house staff to the barristers we have close relations with, and indeed the lawyers and firms we work with around the world.

The combination of expertise in data compensation and mass consumer actions allows you the confidence to know that we are dedicated to the fight for justice.

British Airways Group Action

british airways group action

The British Airways breach affected around 380,000 people. If your data has been compromised in the breach then join our Group Action against the UK's largest airliner.

British Airways Data Breach

Equifax Group Action

equifax group action

Between 2011 and 2016 an astonishing 15.2 million U.K. data records were accessed by hackers due to Equifax failing to patch known security holes in their systems.

Equifax Data Breach

We-Vibe Group Action

we-vibe group action

'Smart Sex Toy' manufacturer We-Vibe were found to be collecting intimate data on how customers used their app without given consent for their data to be shared.

We-Vibe Data Breach

AQA Group Action

aqa group action

A number of cyber-attacks launched by hackers enabled then to access up to 65,000 examiners' data, stored on AQA's examiner application system and examiner extranet.

AQA Data Breach

56 Dean St. Group Action

56 dean street group action

Sexual health clinic - 56 Dean Street - accidentally sent emails to a number of patients which included the full names and email addresses of the other recipients.

56 Dean St. Data Breach

TalkTalk Group Action

talktalk group action

Back in 2015, a prolonged cyber-attack against telephone communications giant TalkTalk resulted in tens of thousands of customers' details being breached.

TalkTalk Data Breach

Blackpool NHS Trust Action

blackpool nhs trust group action

Highly sensitive data of current and former employees of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was posted online and remained there for almost a year.

Blackpool NHS Trust Breach

Harbottle Surgery Group Action

harbottle gp surgery group action

After the closure of the Harbottle GP Surgery, the NHS passed on private and confidential medical records of hundreds of patients without their consent.

Harbottle GP Surgery Breach

Bloomsbury Patient Action

bloomsbury patient network group action

The names of a members support group for HIV-positive people were disclosed twice inside a matter of months back in 2014 due to an outdated IT system in place.

Bloomsbury Patient Network Breach

Capita Disability Group Action

capita disability assessor group action

An assessor working on behalf of Capita admitted taking screen captured images of disability benefits applications which is a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

Capita Disability Assessor Breach

Greenwich University Action

university of greenwich group action

Personal, medical and other sensitive information of University of Greenwich students was posted online which has breached data protection and human rights laws.

University of Greenwich Data Breach
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