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Data Leak Lawyer confirms that information leak at London HIV clinic could lead to victims receiving thousands of pounds in damages.

56 Dean Street Compensation Update...

We are pleased to announce that liability has been admitted and that negotiations for compensation are now underway. Contact us for a free and confidential chat if you are a victim and you would like to know more about our action.

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56 Dean Street
Compensation Update

Our right to privacy is enshrined in law through important legislation like the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. When London based sexual health clinic at 56 Dean Street accidentally sent an email to around 780 patients using an e-service that included the full names and email addresses of the other recipients, their fundamental rights to privacy were breached.

In what has been described as one of the biggest and more serious data protection breach incidents here in the UK, the victims whose names were on the email list may be entitled to compensation, Lawyer and Manager of Data Leak Team Jonathan Whittle has confirmed.

A simple 'human error' has led to a situation where hundreds of patients have been robbed of their right to privacy, and reports have emerged that the email may already have been leaked beyond the list of recipients. Patients have a right to privacy and many of those affected have understandably opted to keep their status confidential.

Lawyer and Manager of our Data Leak Team, Jonathan Whittle, said:

"There is no defence here. Simple human error or not, this is a serious breach of data protection and basic human rights. More needs to be done to prevent a repeat of this situation.
Organisations, particularly in the public sector, are regularly in the spotlight for sharing and releasing data on people without their consent. A lot of the time they don't even realise they're doing it, and it's a problem that needs to be stopped."

Mr Whittle went on to address the severity of the situation at Dean Street given that the breach has led to the confidential status of HIV positive patients being released.

"It's clear that whatever systems or procedures they have in place to protect patient data is woefully inadequate. This incident at Dean Street is particularly serious, and there is no way to reverse what has been done."

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