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Hospital Data Breach Compensation Claims

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When Can You Make A Hospital Data Breach Compensation Claim?

You may be eligible to make a claim for hospital data breach compensation if your data has been leaked or misused by a hospital or has been hacked from a hospital.

You can make a claim for breaches caused by NHS hospitals and private hospitals. There are a number of ways where you may have a claim, and these include:

  • Your medical records, or part of your medical records, being misused
  • Your identity as a patient of a hospital being exposed
  • Medical data leaks by post, email, or verbally when medical information is discussed in the presence of others
  • Hospital staff snooping on your medical records without authority or reason to access them (which has been a big issue lately, and there has been famous examples including Ed Sheeran and Sir Alex Ferguson)
  • A successful cyberattack where the hospital has failed to properly secure your medical data

Like any other organisation, a hospital has an important duty to look after the information about you that they store and process. With medical information often being personal and sensitive, the distress that a victim of a medical data breach can suffer can be serious. That's why we can offer No Win, No Fee representation for victims who are eligible to make a claim for hospital data breach compensation with us.

How Does A Hospital Data Breach Compensation Case Work?

When you make a claim for hospital data breach compensation with us, we can do all of the legwork for you, and we will fight for your rights to justice.

In a typical case, we will write to the hospital (or the relevant NHS Trust if it's an NHS hospital) or the organisation who owns the hospital if it's a private facility. We will outline to them what has happened and why we consider they are at fault, and how the data breach has affected you. We will also outline that we are asking for compensation as the form of remedy for what has happened.

We will ask the Defendant (the Trust or the organisation responsible) to accept liability for the data breach. If they refuse to accept liability then we can fight them where we are confident that they are liable to compensate you.

We also need to assess how the incident has affected you, and that's how we can value your hospital data breach compensation claim. We look at a number of key factors which include:

  • The nature of the data that has been exposed - the more personal and sensitive the data is, the more a claim could be worth
  • How much data has been exposed - the more data exposed, the more you may be able to claim
  • Who the data has been exposed to and for how long - in a case where data has been exposed to a lot of people indefinitely, the damages you can claim could be higher
  • How the data breach has specifically affected you

You can find out more about data breach compensation amounts now on our advice page.

Start Your No Win, No Fee Claim For Hospital Data Breach Compensation Today

We make the process for launching your hospital data breach compensation claim easy and hassle-free.

All of our initial advice is free and on a no-obligation basis. We can usually tell you right away if we think you have a case, and then it's up to you as to what you do next. If you want to launch your legal case for justice right away then our team can accept your instructions to do so over the telephone.

If you're eligible, we can offer you No Win, No Fee representation as well. All you have to do is comply to the terms of the agreement, and we can write off our legal fees if the case doesn't succeed. We do this because we're huge believers in access to justice, so we're prepared to take the risk of a case forward if we think we can win the claim. We also appreciate that many people may not be able to afford to instruct a solicitor on a private basis, which is why we offer No Win, No Fee representation.

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