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We-vibe app class action in the UK

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we-vibe claims

You may have heard about the We-vibe app class action in the U.S., where the makers of the sex toy have been ordered to pay millions in compensation.

In the U.K., we’ve been running our own legal action since news of the data breach hit the headlines a few years ago. This is one of the dozens of different data breach actions our lawyers are fighting for justice in, and we act for a large group of victims claiming data breach compensation as a victim of the We-vibe app breach.

Although we’ve been acting for people for a number of years, it’s not too late to join the action if you’ve yet to sign up. In the U.K., the case is at a different stage to that of the U.S.

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Rising financial services data breach incidents

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check online banking accounts

There are rising financial services data breach incidents, according to the number of reports that have been made to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In 2018, it’s understood that the number of data breaches that had been reported to the FCA had increased by a monumental 480%.

With May 2018 seeing the introduction of the new GDPR rules, punishments that can be issued for data incidents can amount to millions. On top of that, victims can be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Financial services data breach compensation amounts can be high, depending on the nature and severity of the incident.

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Windrush data breach forces rule change

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uk government data breaches

The Windrush data breach incident that happened on 7th April 2019 has forced changes to be adopted by the Home Office following the leak of information surrounding the compensation scheme.

Earlier this month, mass emails were sent out to people taking part in the Windrush compensation scheme, as well as other interested parties. Emails were reportedly sent out in batches of 100, and the first five batches are understood to have resulted in a data breach. Yet again, this was another case where recipients of the email could see each other’s information.

This kind of incident has happened so many times before, and it triggered one of the more severe compensation actions we’re involved ion; the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak. Changes are now set to be made.

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Advice for victims of the Starwood data breach

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If you’ve yet to see if you’re eligible to join the Starwood data breach compensation action, here’s some vital advice for you.

We’re a specialist law firm who have been representing people for data breach compensation claims for years. Thousands of asked us for help, and as well as all the individual cases we’re helping people with, we’re fighting for justice in over 25 different data breach group actions.

The Marriott data breach action – also known as the Starwood data breach action – is one of the many actions we’re involved in. If you were affected by this breach, but you’ve yet to look into your options for making a legal case, here’s some advice for you.

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Most hotels leaking data, study suggests

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cybersecurity issues

A study by software giants Symantec has suggested that hotels leaking data is a far more common problem than most people may think.

Their research has indicated that as many as two out of three hotels are leaking data. The data being leaked includes names, email addresses, credit card information and passport information. This kind of data is more than enough for fraudsters and cybercriminals to do some serious damage.

Some 1,500 websites were analysed across 54 different countries as part of the study. This news comes just months after the monumental Marriott data breach that remains fresh in our minds.

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Bounty data breach leads to huge ICO fine

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a fine of £400,000.00 having concluded their investigations into the significant Bounty data breach.

We’ve already been contacted for help and taken claims for data breach compensation forward on a No Win, No Fee basis since news of the fine broke in the media. As many as 14 million individuals may have had their personal data shared, including new mothers and infants by extension.

The ICO has established that Bounty failed to properly inform users that their data would be shared for marketing purposes. The findings also confirmed that no one was able to give proper and informed consent as well.

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Bristol council data breach hits thousands

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email breach

The Bristol council data breach incident that was reported last week is understood to have affected thousands of residents.

The incident was yet another case of an avoidable data breach that has been caused by what appears to be a simple error. We see these kinds of leaks all the time, and they’re not the first council to have committed a breach just like it.

One of the most severe data breach group actions we’re running stemmed from an incident that’s exactly the same as this one. The damage that can be caused from a simple email error that leads to a leak can be substantial. A large volume of the cases we deal with are for council data breach compensation claims. They really are awfully common.

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Worries over Haylands Primary School data breach

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There are concerns as to whether personal and sensitive information may have been exposed in the recent Haylands Primary School data breach.

Hackers are known to target public sector organisations and institutions who may not have cybersecurity that’s strong enough to withstand attacks. The 2017 WannaCry incident was a perfect example of hackers targeting older and outdated software. It ended up hitting the NHS incredibly hard.

In this incident, there are understandable concerns as to whether any personal information about parents and pupils has been exposed.

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Worried over uncertainties of the Marriott data hack?

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If you were a victim of the Marriott data hack, you may be worried about the uncertainties surrounding the event.

It has to be remembered that this was a huge, huge breach that affected some 500 million customers worldwide. Data may have been vulnerable and exposed for four years. Data breached included passport information, which is incredibly serious. Partial payment card information is also understood to have been exposed for some.

With the revelations that the company may never know who was behind the devastating data breach, what can the victims do to feel safe? All we can do as data breach lawyers is help you claim compensation as a victim of the breach.

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UK universities are hacked in ‘white hat’ job

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university of east anglia data breach

It can be a huge problem if universities are hacked. Reports suggest that more needs to be done when it comes to educational cyber defence, as recent reports have confirmed that white hat hackers managed to easily break into systems.

According to media reports, white hat hackers managed to gain access to “high value” data from universities in hours. In case you’re not sure, “white hat hackers” are essentially hackers who break into systems for non-malicious proposes. They often inform the organisations they have hacked so they can improve their security. They’re often security specialists themselves.

We’ve seen the damage that university data breaches can cause. We continue to run an action for victims of the University of Greenwich Data Leak. In that case, a wealth of personal and sensitive data was exposed.

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