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Data Breach Compensation in the UK

"Not only can an organisation be fined for a breach of data protection laws, victims of a data incident can claim data breach compensation in the UK as well."

data breach uk compensation

We firmly believe that organisations MUST be held to account and that victims should be entitled to compensation.
That's why thousands of people have come to us for help with both individual data breaches and in group action data breaches.
We're are representing victims in over 20 different data breach actions on top of the individual claims we help people with...

Claim For Data Breach Compensation in the UK

We specialise in fighting for data breach compensation in the UK. Victims of a data breach are entitled to make a claim for compensation thanks to the vital data protection laws we have.

In recent years, we've recovered damages and fought claims for the Misuse of Private Information and using the Data Protection Act 1998. With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, we now have even stronger laws to be able to help people claim data breach compensation in the UK.

Victims can claim data breach compensation for any distress caused, and for any financial losses caused as well. The loss of control over private and sensitive data can have a huge and lifelong impact on the victim, and this must be recognised.

In the case of data breaches where financial information is stolen, fraud is a serious worry.

Speak to our team today for specialist advice about your options. As a firm of lawyers who have been helping victims claim for data breach compensation in the UK for several years, there's a reason as to why thousands have come to us for the help they need.

In short, we offer:

  • Free and no-obligation advice
  • No Win, No Fee representation (read more below)
  • Expert representation as a firm of Data Breach Lawyers who have been helping victims claim compensation for a number of years

Our No Win, No Fee Promise

We can fight for your data breach compensation in the UK on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We do this when we're confident that we can win the claim and because we believe that anyone who has suffered a data breach should have access to justice.

Subject to compliance with the No Win, No Fee agreement, we promise to do exactly what our agreement says on the tin. If your data breach claim doesn't win, we're happy to write off the legal fees that we incur.

Data Breach Compensation UK Legal Actions

Our lawyers are currently representing people in over 20 different legal actions for data breach compensation in the UK.

We've launched a number of legal actions off the back of the increasing volumes of data breaches that have taken place in recent years. We strongly believe that victims of data breaches in the UK should receive the compensation they deserve for any distress and financial loss caused.

The growing number of data breaches has shown that this is a problem that isn't going away anytime soon. Cybercriminals know that they can make money from targeting organisations and stealing data or holding it for ransom. Organisations must do more to protect the private and sensitive data they have. Holding them to account when they fail to protect the data they hold is the right way to ensure for fair punishment and fair compensation for the victims.

Given the trends and fears of the experts, we expect there to be many more data breaches on the horizon. Through helping victims claim data breach compensation in the UK, we can ensure victims are entitled to justice and help to better improve data security across the country.

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