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Bounty has been fined £400,000.00 for illegally sharing the data of 14 million people... Find out now if you can join the legal action and claim compensation!

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The Data Leak Lawyers have taken cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis having been contacted for help. You may be eligible to make a claim for compensation as a victim of the Bounty data breach.

Bounty Data Breach Compensation Claims

We have taken cases forward for victims of the Bounty Data Breach. The UK's data watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has fined the pregnancy and parenting support club £400,000.00 for breaches of the Data Protection Act.

Bounty data breach compensation may be available to victims to on a No Win, No Fee basis.

In their findings, the ICO stated that the 'consent' Bounty had obtained for data sharing was not ‘specific or informed’. They also said that they believe that the data sharing activities were likely to cause ‘substantial damage or substantial distress’ and recognised the seriousness that vulnerable people like expectant mothers and infants are victims of the breach.

People signing up for Bounty would not expect their data to be shared with marketing agencies and credit referencing agencies. Some 34 million records for 14 million individuals had been shared without proper consent, and the ICO has deemed Bounty's behaviour as the unfair processing of personal data.

Are You Eligible To Make A Bounty Data Breach Claim?

As a victim of the Bounty data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. We can represent victims based in England and Wales who have received notification that they are affected by the breach.

If you have not been informed that you were affected by the Bounty breach, you should find out as soon as you can.

To help you, the ICO has determined that:

24,168,887 personal records were shared between 1st June 2017 and 30th April 2018 for members who registered to Bounty offline;

10,267,889 personal records were shared between 1st June and 9th January 2018 for online membership registrations.

If you were registered between those periods, your data may have been shared in a way that was in contravention of the Data Protection Act. It has been confirmed that the disclosure of your data was unfair and that the users whose data was shared were not provided with enough information about the fact that information was being shared for marketing purposes.

If you are affected by the Bounty data breach, ask yourself: did you know that your data was being shared with marketing agencies and credit referencing agencies? Were you simply expecting samples, vouchers, and information?

People who are not expecting their data to be used in such ways may be distressed at the loss of control of personal information. Once data has been shared with one organisation it can be hard to tell how the data is then processed and shared onwards. Data can go a long way, and you can be entitled to claim compensation if you are distressed about how your data has been shared without proper consent.

In total, the records shared belonged to 14,315,438 individuals, and were shared with 39 third-party organisations, with some people's data shared multiple times.

The ICO said that this represents "unprecedented number of affected data subjects in the history of the Commissioner’s investigations into data broking".

About The Bounty Data Breach

The Bounty data breach fine has arisen from investigations by the ICO into the data brokering industry. Bounty (UK) Limited were identified as one of the largest suppliers of data, and their behaviour has been deemed a "serious contravention" of the law, with their actions described as "plainly deliberate".

Data collected by Bounty included:

  • Full names;
  • Due dates for babies;
  • Email addresses;
  • Postal addresses;
  • Pregnancy statuses of expectant mothers, including whether they were a first-time parent;
  • Genders;
  • Birth sates of parents.

The ICO deemed that the data collected and shared was enough to warrant, by extension, data for children. Although Bounty's privacy notices reportedly state that they may share information with selected third-parties, the ICO found a number of failings that breached the Data Protection Act.

This included:

  • The 'consent' provided was deemed as not informed consent;
  • Bounty failed to list the names of some of the companies that data was being shared with, which included marketing agencies Acxiom and Indicia, as well as credit-referencing agency Equifax and telecoms provider Sky;
  • Some privacy notices were issued after so-called mandatory data had already been collected for a sign-up to take place, instead of at the point of collection;
  • Data had ultimately been unfairly processed.

Make Your Bounty Data Breach Claim Today

Over the years we have been fighting for the rights of data breach victims, thousands of people have come to us for help. Our lawyers are fighting for justice in over 25 different data breach compensation actions, and we offer No Win, No Fee representation.

Victims of the Bounty data breach have already approached us for help, and we have taken cases forward.

Unlike some law firms, we are not in the habit of registering people's information with the view to potentially making a claim in the future. We take action right away, which is why the Data Leak Lawyers firm has been appointed to the Steering Committee by the High Court of Justice in a separate group that is set to be the biggest consumer action the UK has ever seen.

We offer our initial advice to you on a free, no-obligation basis. If you do want to sign-up for a Bounty data breach claim right away, we can normally start your case in one simple telephone call, and it only takes minutes for us to get the ball rolling.

Contact our legal team to join the Bounty data breach legal action now.

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