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"The 'Smart Sex Toy' company behind We-Vibe guilty of collecting data without users' knowledge and failing to secure their Apps"

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The ‘smart sex toy’ company behind the brand ‘We-Vibe’ - a type of ‘smart vibrator’ sex toy that can be remotely controlled using an app (on a phone or tablet for example) - are set to pay out millions of pounds in compensation to users whose data was collected without agreement.

On top of the data breach from collecting intimate data about how people use the ‘smart vibrator’ sex toys, hackers were reportedly able to hack into the We-Vibe app, meaning the devices could theoretically be controlled by anyone.

Our Data Leak Lawyers are acting for victims affected by the We-Vibe Data Breach in the UK, and we have male and female staff who are available to provide advice.

'Smart Sex Toy' Surveillance

The We-Vibe app has been collecting data which included the temperature of the device and the intensity of the vibration. This data was being sent back to Standard Innovation - the company behind the ‘smart sex toy’ brand ‘We-Vibe’.

Ultimately, this is very sensitive and personal information that has been shared with the company making and selling the product - with no proper agreement in place by owners for the information to be collected and used.

The company has denied any wrongdoing, arguing that the data was collected to monitor hardware faults. But in the absence of proper permission and authority from owners for the company to collect such sensitive and intimate data, We-Vibe is in serious breach of data protection legislation here in the UK.

People do not expect to be spied on - especially when it comes to our sex lives, which for many is private!

It Gets Worse - We-Vibe Hackers Say They Can 'CONTROL' The Devices

It's not just the unauthorised collection of personal and sensitive data that has concerned users of the ‘smart sex toy’ worldwide though. Hackers at a conference last year identified serious security flaws in the We-Vibe app that could allow someone to hack into the app and control the toy.

The toy has remote control features where the vibration of the toy can be controlled using the app. This can be used, for example, by couples who are apart from each other and want to maintain their sex lives.

But flaws in the security of the We-Vibe app have led to serious concerns raised about the ability for someone to gain access to the app, and not only learn about the intimate and personal sexual patterns of a person but also actually control the We-Vibe device.

It's been argued that, in effect, the unauthorised control of the device could amount to a form of sexual assault if a We-Vibe app was hacked in to and the device was controlled by a hacker. So we're talking about an incredibly serious and concerning security flaw that has understandably caused a great deal of distress for people affected by the issue.

What Can You Do To Gain We-Vibe Data Breach Compensation?

Most data breaches are sensitive, and we have been involved in some of the most serious and sensitive data breaches for years - from the breach at sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street, to serious child services and NHS data breaches across the country.

We are accepting cases for the We-Vibe Data Breach having already been contacted by multiple individuals who have come forward and asked for our help. You can talk to us for free and confidential advice on a no-obligation basis.

We have now accepted a large volume of claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, and have started work on behalf of the group. We-Vibe group action lawsuits have settled in the US, and we continue to fight for justice for those affected by the We-Vibe data breach here in the UK.

You can speak to our male or female staff in the team who will be able to advise you further if you would like to make a claim for We-Vibe compensation.

Why Make A We-Vibe Compensation Claim?

We believe that rights to privacy are fundamental for each and every human being.

We know that in today's growing digital age that it's never been easier for organisations to collect personal and sensitive data about us. Legislation makes it clear that data being collected must only be collected with our express authorisation.

The problem is that too many public and private organisations are not taking our rights to data privacy seriously. This leads to serious breaches like the We-Vibe data breach where very personal and intimate data has been collected about people's sexual patterns. They had absolutely no right or authority to collect this data, and if people knew that this data was being collected, many may not have used the sex toy in the first place.

Making a We-Vibe claim is important for many reasons:

  • We believe organisations should be responsible and ensure they comply with important data protection legislation, and we know many people worldwide feel the same. We put our faith and trust in organisations to not misuse our data and take advantage of us. If they do, they need to be punished.
  • Being reactive and only changing things when a breach happens is simply not good enough. Lessons need to be learned, and other organisations need to know that they can't be engaging in activity that misuses private information. Financial compensation can hit organisations where it hurts the most.
  • We can't take away the fact that the breach has happened, but compensation for a victim can help. At the end of the day, you have paid a premium for the We-Vibe "smart vibrator" and you have put your faith in your privacy with the organisation. In our view, this has been breached.

Basis Of A We-Vibe Claim

Without proper authorisation, users have not consented to personal and intimate data about their use of the ‘smart vibrator’ being shared with We-Vibe maker Standard Innovation. The misuse of private information is a breach of the Data Protection Act, and the consequences of the We-Vibe Data Breach may also amount to a breach of the Human Rights Act as well.

Victims can claim for compensation where private information has been misused. In the We-Vibe Data Breach case, the information being fed back to Standard Innovation involves intimate data like the temperature and intensity of the toy being used. This has given them very personal and sensitive data about owners' sexual patterns when they, from what we understand, had no right to obtain the data because proper permission had not been gained from users.

The issue that the app had serious security flaws is a monumental concern. Right now, we just don't know whether a device has been hacked and exploited. This has opened up a very concerning and sensitive situation that has been likened to potential sexual abuse in the event a device has been hacked in to and used.

On top of that, data about the use of the We-Vibe ‘smart sex toy’ could be shared through a hack as well.

We-Vibe Compensation Settlements In Canada

Standard Innovation - the company behind the We-Vibe brand - has agreed an out of court settlement amounting to millions of pounds, which could see owners claiming over £6,000.00 each as a victim of the We-Vibe data breach.

We do not yet know the volumes of people affected here in the UK, and we're investigating the permissions and terms of the app's use here too. We expect payouts could amount to thousands or tens of thousands of pounds - depending on the seriousness of the breach.

Although Standard Innovation denies any wrongdoing, the law is clear, and we will hold them to account and bring them to justice here in the UK. If you are looking to gain We-Vibe data breach compensation, request a call back from our team using the form below. 

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