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In May last year, we began to be contacted by victims in relation to the 118 118 Money data breach. Affected customers received a data breach notification letter telling them that their data had been subjected to unauthorised access. We judged that victims may have a case for a data breach compensation claim, and we are still taking claims on if you wish to seek justice for the exposure of your private data.

As leading, specialist data breach compensation lawyers, we believe that everyone should be able to access justice in relation to privacy matters. By giving a voice to data breach victims, we hope to bring them the compensation they deserve, and we are also determined to make companies face up to their data protection responsibilities.

The 118 118 Money data breach – what happened?

We were first alerted to the details of the 118 118 Money data breach when one of our clients showed us the breach notification letter, in which the company revealed to customers that their information had been subjected to “illegal unauthorised access”. The breach was reportedly discovered on 20th March 2020, and 118 118 Money learned that recordings of customer service calls had been accessed by those who carried out the attack.

We understand that all customers were contacted as a precaution, but it was believed that those who had contacted the customer services line could have had data stolen. The exposed data was understood to include details such as names, addresses and birth dates, as well as any other private information that customers may have discussed with operators over the phone.

The effect on the victims

Initially, 118 118 Money was unable to give a very clear picture of exactly which customers may have had their calls listened to and recorded, so all customers were at risk. The lack of clarity may only have worsened victims’ worries, potentially giving rise to speculation over what information they had discussed on the phone.

Though the company asserted that there was little risk of data misuse, the data thieves may have been able to access enough information to carry out phishing attacks, phone call scams, or other types of fraud.

Making a compensation claim

118 118 Money was quick to assure customers that it takes data protection seriously, but assurances like these are all too common in the aftermath of data breaches. They can, therefore, sometimes feel empty.

We believe that the breach could constitute negligence in terms of system security, which is why we believe that affected customers may have a claim to make. If more could have been done to protect their data, then there is no excuse for 118 118 Money, and the company may be liable to pay compensation.

When our clients claim data breach compensation, No Win, No Fee representation is something we often offer. This means that you won’t have to pay any of our legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful, subject to the terms and conditions agreed. We are offering this option to those affected by the 118 118 Money data breach, so contact us for free, no-obligation advice today if you think you may have a claim to make.

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