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Data breaches in the healthcare sector: what can you do?

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Victims of data breaches in the healthcare sector can be entitled to claim compensation, and we may be able to offer No Win, No Fee representation for a case.

As a leading firm of data breach lawyers, we represent thousands of clients for cases, many of whom have been the victim of a medical data breach, leak or hack. Compensation pay-outs for these cases can be substantial given the nature of the data involved, so here’s a little advice about how we help our clients.

Healthcare data breach compensation claims can be common, which is why our work in this complex and niche area of law is so important.

Claiming for data breaches in the healthcare sector

Compensation claims for data breaches in the healthcare sector are one of the most common types of individual cases that we take forward for victims. Unfortunately, data breaches in this sector can be common, and organisations in the sector are a huge target for cybercriminals as well. This is usually because of the nature of the incredibly personal and sensitive data that is involved in the sector, which can be valuable for criminals to exploit.

Another problem is that the healthcare sector isn’t always as well funded as it ought to be. It can sometimes be the case that older and outdated software and systems are used, and these can be more easily exploited by criminals. The 2017 WannaCry attack was a perfect example of this. At the same time, when data protection isn’t a priority, breaches and leaks can more easily happen.

What’s important for the victims to know is what they can do when personal information is involved in a leak, breach or hack. If the data breach was avoidable and has stemmed from some form of negligence, you could be entitled  – by law – to receive compensation. Our team is available for free, no-obligation assessments for you where we can normally tell you quickly whether we can assist you with a legal case or not.

To speak to the team, please see our contact page here. We’re normally open from 9am to 10pm on most weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekenders too as part of our extended opening hours.

Medical data breach compensation amounts

The impact for victims of data breaches in the healthcare sector can be substantial given the nature of the information involved. Most people, understandably, want their medical information and statuses kept confidential, which is why confidentiality is such a core principle in the sector.

As such, when information is misused or exposed, the impact for the victim can be devastating. When we assess a medical data breach compensation claim, we will normally look at factors such as:

  • The nature of the data exposed or misused;
  • How much information is involved;
  • Who is involved in the exposure or misuse;
  • The personal impact on you.

We often find that the personal impact is substantial because this is precisely the kind of information that we do not want other people to know about. As such, data breach compensation amounts for medical cases can be high.

No Win, No Fee representation

We proudly offer No Win, No Fee representation for eligible victims of data breaches in the healthcare sector who claim with us.

As long as we consider that there’s a good enough chance of being able to succeed with the case, we can offer to work for you in this way.

To find out now if we can help you, please don’t hesitate to speak to the team for free and friendly advice.


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First published by Matthew on July 01, 2020
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