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A lack of data training is no excuse for data breaches

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A lack of data training is an easy open goal for data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. It’s not a viable defence to a claim for compensation.

Over the years we’ve been helping people, thousands of victims have asked for our help for data breaches, leaks and hacks. We can tell you from years of experience that a common cause of incidents can sometimes be a simple issue of a lack of training. Even though data breaches are always in the news, and the risk of a cybersecurity incident has probably never been higher, data protection training is still not a priority for some.

I’ve spoken to friends and family for some insight as well, and there are still way too many organisations not treating it seriously; despite GDPR. For a victim who must make a claim for data breach compensation, a lack of training is no excuse to deflect a claim.

Can you claim in a case of a lack of data training?

You can claim data breach compensation in a case where the cause of the incident is related to a lack of data training. This can be the case when you’re the victim because of an employee who hasn’t been properly trained, or where your own lack of training causes an incident and you’re affected.

Really, mandatory IT training should be a given when a new employee joins an organisation. This should also be the case for when temporary and agency staff join a new organisation as well. Not only that, but we think that specific data breach and cybersecurity training should be a given as well.

The legislation we have in place puts the duty on organisations to ensure that employees don’t break the law. As the old mantra goes: ignorance of the law is no excuse.

If you’ve suffered as a victim of an incident and you’re being told that it was just a case of human error, a lack of data training is not an acceptable excuse. That fact doesn’t change that you’ve suffered a data breach, and it’s not a viable defence for a case either.

Claiming data breach compensation

Claiming data breach compensation with us is easy. We’ve been fighting for justice for data breach victims for years, and we’re running more than 20 different group action and multi-party data breach actions.

For more information, you can access our help on no-obligation basis. We can also offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for claims as well.

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First published by Author on April 05, 2019
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