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Another LinkedIn data breach?

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The most famous LinkedIn data breach stems from the 2012 hack that took years to come to light. But since then, there has reportedly been others.

There has reportedly been several other data breaches with connections to the Microsoft-owned networking site for professionals. But this latest LinkedIn data breach arises from the way some 18 million people’s email addresses have reportedly been used for targeted Facebook ads.

According to recent investigations, this is yet another data breach involving LinkedIn.

The latest LinkedIn data breach

The latest LinkedIn data breach arose from a complaint made last year that triggered an investigation. However, there has been speculation for some time now over how people are often targeted for adverts involving LinkedIn. These strange connections, including from people near you, can be odd.

If you’re not a member of LinkedIn, how is this happening?

Investigations have reportedly found that there has been a breach of data protection rules. LinkedIn later admitted it had been using the email addresses for some 18 million people in a way that wasn’t transparent.

Part of their response to the investigation read:

“Unfortunately the strong processes and procedures we have in place were not followed and for that we are sorry.”

What’s being done about the LinkedIn data breach?

The LinkedIn data breach appears to have prompted a swift response from the company. The practices in question have been ceased and they appear to be making an effort to show they’re now acting in good faith.

But what concerns us still is the way in which these big data breaches keep happening. This is especially the case when it comes to networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Facebook remains embroiled in its own raft of data protection shortfalls. These companies now hold vast amounts of personal and perhaps sensitive data about millions of people worldwide. With both Facebook and Twitter now more of an advertising platform than a social networking site (in my view), they have a lot of useful data at their disposal.

Managing such data in accordance with the law could be difficult. The new GDPR has increased duties and punishments alike.

This latest LinkedIn data breach could be one of many that will continue to keep happening again and again and again.

Can we really trust anyone with our data anymore?

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First published by Author on November 28, 2018
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