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BA data breach group action lawyers and information

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If you’ve yet to join the BA data breach group action, here’s some very important advice and information about the action and what you need to know.

Since October 2019 when the High Court of Justice gave the official green light for a formal Group Litigation Order (GLO) to be established, we’ve seen a huge influx of new clients signing up with us. We’ve also been made aware of some confusion in terms of where people can turn to as a lot of firms started marketing for cases following the big announcement.

We can’t – and won’t – tell you who to instruct, nor will we make misleading marketing claims about what the best course of action is for you. What we will do is give you some vital information to help you make the important decision for yourself.

About the official BA data breach group action

The formal GLO for the BA data breach group action was given the go-ahead in October 2019, and the deadline for people to join the action is in January 2021. We have been fighting for the rights of those affected by the BA data breach, working tirelessly on a No Win, No Fee basis for our valued clients.

Between now and then, anyone affected who has not yet signed up for a No Win, No Fee case should do so immediately. Although it may feel like there’s plenty of time left to claim, there’s a lot more to it than just registering your name. Your case needs to be fully prepared in advance of the deadline, and it’s likely we will have a cut-off point before the official court expiration date.

Once the deadline has passed, we will be fighting hard for a settlement for the thousands of people now involved in this action. This is the first GDPR GLO in England and Wales, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this pioneering action as a Steering Committee firm.

We will fight tooth and nail for the justice that the victims deserve!

What to look for when instructing a lawyer

There’s more than one law firm taking cases forward for those who are eligible to join the BA data breach group action. Whilst we will all be working together for the greater fight, it’s the Steering Committee firms (like us) that will be at the forefront of the legal action.

Following the October 2019 announcement, a number of firms started taking cases forward. It’s totally up to you as to who you instruct, but we wouldn’t be doing our job to advise people unless we gave you some pointers on what to look for. It may be the case that not all law firms will follow through with cases and we want to make sure people are not left in uncertain positions.

Based on how we work, here are three key things to make sure of when you ask a law firm to take your case forward:

  1. An experienced Group Action firm that has been involved in previous GLOs. For example, we’re now involved in 35 for data actions alone, and have received appointments to Steering Committees (including the BA action);
  2. An experienced data breach compensation law firm. This is a new and emerging area of law with claims only really being a thing in the last decade or so. Our first privacy matters date back to 2014 and we’ve been specialising in data law since 2015;
  3. A genuine No Win, No Fee in place with formal funding and insurance available for clients to be able to actively join the GLO. In most cases, you may not be able to join a GLO unless you have the funds and insurance in place to protect you.

As we said, this is based on us, but we’re confident we’re an excellent benchmark as a leading firm in this complex and niche area of law.

What to watch out for

Our experience when it comes to group actions and data breach compensation is extensive. As such, we’ve seen other firms in the past miss key court deadlines or issue claims prematurely that have led to problems for claimants.

It’s, therefore, important to be careful when it comes to who you ask to represent you.

When it comes to the BA data breach group action, we recommend that you avoid firms that hit you with misleading and unfounded marketing claims. We’ve been made aware of firms that don’t have any real experience in GLO matters or even much experience in data breach cases making such claims. It’s worrying, but the simple take away is this: always ask why. If they claim to be the best, ask them why and how they can prove it. If they claim to be the leading firm, ask them why and how they can prove it.

In a lot of instances, claims of being the best law firm can’t be properly backed up. Different firms specialise in different things and act in different ways, and people’s needs can be different too.

Make sure to always ask what their experience is, and what court matters they have been involved in. Ask if they attended the big hearing in October too in terms of the BA action. Be diligent and make sure you ask for specific information about a firm’s experience and placement in an action.

Finally, always go to a law firm direct! We’ve always recommended that people should go to a real law firm direct and avoid the middlemen claims management companies, and we stand by this advice!

Interested in instructing us?

If you think that we’re the law firm for you, please head over to the BA Group Action website here to get your case started with us.

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