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You can join the British Airways compensation action by answering a few simple questions here to check your eligibility. If you qualify, we just need a little information and we can get you on board right away.

News of the recent £183m initial fine proposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has naturally triggered a fresh influx of new claims. We’re happy to keep taking more clients on in addition to those we’ve been acting for since news of the scandal broke last year.

But people do need to act as soon as they can. There may be deadlines that could fast approach, and missing the deadline could mean missing out on your chance to claim.

About the British Airways compensation action

The British Airways compensation action is for the victims whose information was exposed in the 2018 data breaches.

Money from the proposed £183m fine will normally go straight to the treasury and is not designed to be used for compensation. As such, victims who deserve justice can make a claim by visiting our BA Group Action website here and completing the short forms.

Claims of this nature will usually band together and form a Group Litigation Order (GLO) where the common issues can be resolved to set precedents for all the cases in the action. We’re currently fighting for justice in over 25 separate data group and multi-party actions, so you can be assured that you’re dealing with experts.

About the deadlines

It’s highly likely that there will be a deadline to join the British Airways compensation action, especially if the action goes to court and a GLO is formed.

Claimants need to have taken all the steps required by the court by the time the deadline reaches. If you miss the deadline, you may be unable to join the action at all.

We have seen other law firms miss deadlines in actions before. In one, a different firm that missed the deadline for their clients tried to ask the court for leniency, and they were refused.

We also still get enquires from people who have missed deadlines because they didn’t sign-up for a claim in time, and we must turn people away. If you’re serious about claiming, make sure you sign-up as soon as you can.

The deadlines could be soon!

About the No Win, No Fee

We’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for people who sign-up for the British Airways compensation action with us.

We do this because we’re confident that we can win the case, and because we’re big believers in access to justice.

We wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve been offering No Win, No Fee for help for over a decade.

Sign-up for the British Airways compensation action now

You can sign-up now for the compensation action by completing the simple forms on our page here.

If you agree to take the case forward with us, we can get your claim set up and moving forward right away.

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First published by Matthew on July 16, 2019
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