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The British Airways compensation deadline for the pending group action we’re representing people for could come around incredibly fast.

The lawyers acting for BA appear to be wanting a quick cut-off date which could see this close off as the fastest Group Litigation Order (GLO) ever processed. As such, we must warn anyone who has yet to join that the deadline for submitting a claim could be very, very soon.

You can sign-up to join the action now, and we recommend that you do so as a matter of urgency. Missing the deadline could mean losing your chance to claim compensation as a victim of the 2018 data breaches.

About the BA group action

The BA group action is a pending compensation action for those who were affected by the 2018 data breach incidents.

In cases where there are thousands of people claiming compensation arising from the same event(s), case are usually grouped together. This is known as a Group Litigation Order (GLO), and the American term for this that many people are familiar with is a “class action”.

There will then be a formal British Airways compensation deadline. This will normally be the court cut-off date to have your claim set-up and fully submitted. It can take time to fully prepare a case, so you should start your case as soon as you can.

When will we know the final British Airways compensation deadline?

We don’t yet know when the final British Airways compensation deadline will be, but with the potential that it could end up being soon, all we can advise is that you should start your case now.

We’ve been acting on behalf of victims in this action since news broke of the scandal last year. We’re representing people on a No Win, No Fee basis because we believe that we can succeed with the action.

What have you got to lose?

What happens if you miss the British Airways compensation deadline?

If you miss the formal British Airways compensation deadline, you will likely be unable to benefit from any settlement achieved as part of the action.

We can tell you from a lot of experience that people do miss the deadlines, and we have to turn people away who try and launch their claim too late. A recent action we were involved with that we were on the Steering Committee (the lawyers leading the action) for had the cut-off recently. We’ve had to turn people away who have come to us after the deadline.

So, whatever you do, don’t leave it too late!

Sign-up now

You can make sure you don’t miss the compensation deadline by signing-up for a case now.

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First published by Matthew on July 12, 2019
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