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There are set to be important developments that will likely define the deadlines in the upcoming British Airways court case for the 2018 cyber-attacks.

Following on from our press release in the Daily Mail last week, we revealed that Claimants may only have 17 weeks to join the court action. Those who miss the final cut-off date could lose £6,000.00 based on the average potential pay-outs. In extreme cases, valuations could reach as high as £16,000.00.

There’s a lot more to it than just registering basic information, and even more to it than simply agreeing for a lawyer to represent you. If you’re serious about claiming, you need to take action ASAP!

When is the British Airways court case date?

The first British Airways court case date has been set for the 4th October 2019. At this hearing, we expect important developments to take place.

This may include the final cut-off date as to when people who want to claim must be signed-up and be a part of the pending Group Litigation Order (GLO). As we believe that the lawyers representing BA want a short cut-off date, time is already ticking. After the hearing in the next few weeks, the final date may be very close.

Joining the BA Group Action ASAP is therefore incredibly important.

What you need to do

There’s more to making sure you that don’t miss the final cut-off date after the British Airways court case hearing in the next few weeks. It isn’t just a case of signing up and agreeing to a No Win, No Fee arrangement; you’ll normally need to have insurance and funding as well.

In cases like this, the insurance and funding can be agreed to as part of something called a Litigation Management Agreement (LMA). This is usually separate to the No Win, No Fee agreement (formally named the “Conditional Fee Agreement”, or “CFA”), so having both in place is important. There may also be conditions to agree to the LMA which you also need to make sure you can me.

On top of that, we’ll need evidence and information from you. Essentially, we need to have your case fully prepared in advance of the final court dates that are put in place. That’s why signing-up early can be the difference between securing your place in the group action or missing out completely.

Joining the British Airways court case

You can join the group British Airways court case by completing the forms on the BA Group Action website here.

Your eligibility will be checked before you agree to the No Win, No Fee arrangement. We can then also secure your agreement to the LMA.

But time really is ticking. With a proposed cut-off date of just 17 weeks, you must sign-up ASAP to ensure that you don’t leave it too late!

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First published by Matthew on September 18, 2019
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