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British Airways data breach claim: Important advice

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If you have yet to start your British Airways data breach claim, we have some very important advice and information about the BA Group Action and what you need to do.

In case you’re not aware, there was a huge hearing on 4th October 2019 where Mr Justice Warby formally gave the go-ahead for a Group Litigation Order (GLO). By order of the High Court of Justice, we were appointed with a position on the Steering Committee that’s responsible for the overall conduct of the litigation. This reflects our hard work and commitment to the fight for justice since news of the incidents broke in 2018.

Now that a GLO has been formed, things are moving forward. There are deadlines to claim but, just as importantly, there are also more firms touting for cases. As a leading firm of data breach compensation experts for several years, it’s important that we address this.

Be wary of who you instruct

It’s quite common for a big development like the formation of a GLO to trigger more law firms to then start looking at cases. When a GLO is formed, there’s a clear pathway for cases and that’s when other firms may want to start looking at claims.

If you’re looking to start a British Airways data breach claim, it pays to be wary. Data protection compensation is a relatively new area of law, and only in the last couple of years or so have other firms started looking to take cases on. We started our first group / multi-party action way back in 2015 as we’ve been doing this a lot longer than most, but as data claims continue to rise, other firms are getting involved.

This area of law can be complex, and we have been made aware that there are some firms that don’t know what they’re doing and are just taking cases forward without much of a structure or a plan. For the victims, this can be dangerous; your claim could be at risk, and you could end up missing out on your rights to compensation. We have been involved in historic actions where law firms have made serious mistakes that have even led to Claimants missing court deadlines, so knowing who to instruct is important.

What to look out for

If you’re now looking to start your British Airways data breach claim, here are our recommendations about what to look for:


  • A firm with a proven track record of both data breach compensation claims and group actions. For example, we’re involved in over 30 actions, with our data actions going back to 2015;
  • A specialist firm. We define this by how we operate, which is that we specialise and focus on consumer rights and data breach cases;
  • A firm with considerable experience in group and multi-party actions. Look at the numbers, and whether they have Steering Committee appointments like we do.

In terms of for the BA Group Action specifically, ask:

  • What their role in the action is;
  • When they started taking cases forward;
  • If they have Funding and Insurance in place now as well as No Win, No Fee representation options;
  • Whether they attended the October 2019 hearing or not.

You will have noticed that we’ve used ourselves as the benchmark, which is entirely intentional. It’s totally up to you as to who you instruct, and you’re free to go with whoever you choose. But, with our experience and expertise, we’re confident that can use our proven track record as the benchmark for choosing the right law firm.

We’re often in the media, talking about actions and issues for data protection compensation as a go-to name for journalists.

Make sure you get clear answers from anyone you speak with – don’t let anyone try and give you an unclear answer! We have seen some misleading claims made by other firms online about their experience and who they are, which is why we feel that it’s important to raise awareness about this issue. We don’t want you to suffer by getting lured into a bad deal with a bad law firm.

How to start your British Airways data breach claim

If you want to make your British Airways data breach claim with us, you can go to our BA Group Action website here.

If you do decide to place your claim with us given our advice above, we’re pleased that you’re claiming safely with us. If not, all we ask is that you take heed of our advice in this article.

As a Steering Committee law firm in this action, we are involved with all cases generally, but it’s up to you in terms of who you wish to instruct.

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First published by Matthew on February 03, 2020
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