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British Airways data breach fine and the compensation action

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The provisional British Airways data breach fine has been set at a record-high of £183m as a result of the 2018 data breach incidents, and the compensation action is underway.

We’ve been representing claimants since news of the scandal broke back in September last year, and since news of the GDPR fine hit the headlines, we’ve received an influx of new inquiries.

The provisional fine that has been issued by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) reflects the severity of the breach and the impact that the victims have suffered. However, the issue of compensation is separate, and you can sign-up to join the BA Group Action here.

How does the British Airways data breach fine impact the legal case?

The British Airways data breach fine and the legal case for compensation are two separate things. The £183m fine itself isn’t designed to be used as compensation for the victims as money that goes to the ICO normally goes to the treasury.

When it comes to compensation for victims, that’s where we come in.

There’s a pending group action that’s in the works, and you can join our growing claimant group here. Our action is designed to make sure that victims of the breach can claim the compensation that we feel they deserve as victims of the breach.

It’s all about justice for the victims whose data was compromised.

How does the legal case for compensation work?

The legal case for compensation is for any victim of the BA data breach who has suffered distress as a result of the loss of control of personal information, and / or financial losses.

In accordance with the new GDPR, you can be entitled to make a claim for compensation as a victim of a data breach. If we can demonstrate that BA has failed in the duty of care they had to protect your data, you may be able to make a successful legal case

Given the level of the British Airways data breach fine, we’re confident that we can succeed with an action for compensation against them. Everyone who has signed-up for a case can come together to form a Group Litigation Order (GLO) which can then be used to fight for everyone’s right to compensation.

Is the British Airways data breach fine the final ruling?

The current British Airways data breach fine levied at £183m is part of a provisional ruling, and BA has the right to appeal the decision.

Our understanding is that they may be looking to appeal the decision, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t face a fine at all, and this doesn’t mean that people can’t claim yet. Whatever happens in terms of the final fine, we’re still taking our legal case for compensation forward, and we can represent victims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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First published by Matthew on July 09, 2019
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