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British Airways data breach GDPR questions answered

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The British Airways data breach GDPR repercussions could be huge. But, what do they mean for compensation here in the UK?

It’s important to note that any fine and any claim for compensation are dealt with as two separate issues. It’s the role of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) to issue any GDPR fine to British Airways. What we’re doing is helping victims of the BA breach claim for data breach compensation.

However, one data breach period appears to have partially taken place before GDPR came into force. How does this affect your claim?

Will there be a British Airways data breach GDPR fine?

It’s likely that there will be a British Airways data breach GDPR fine. The first reported breach took place after the May 2018 deadline. The breach period was August to September 2018.

However, a question has arisen now in light of the second data set breach reported last month.

It’s also been confirmed that customers who made “reward bookings” between 21st April 2018 and 28th July 2018 have also been affected. For anyone who made a booking before the May 2018 GDPR deadline, the GDPR may not apply.

Unless there’s any evidence to suggest British Airways knew about the breach at that point and failed to act, some British Airways data breach Claimants may not fall within the GDPR category.

What if you are not in the British Airways data breach GDPR category?

If you’re not in the British Airways data breach GDPR category, you can still claim. We may have to apply different laws to the case, however.  But as it stands, victims have still been put at an imminent risk of fraud given the nature of the data breached.

You can still join the legal action we’ve launched for justice for victims of the British Airways data breach.

When will we know the outcomes of any British Airways data breach GDPR investigation?

It may be quite some time before we see the outcome of the British Airways data breach GDPR investigations. The ICO’s job has been potentially complicated with the news of the second data breach being discovered.

You do not have to wait for the GDPR investigations to conclude before starting a case. If you were affected by the data breach, join the legal action now to get your case started. If you want to claim, you can get on with the process now as part of the legal action we’ve launched.

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First published by Matthew on November 05, 2018
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