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We’re approaching the three-week mark since news broke about the massive British Airways data leak. Our compensation action has already been launched.


Victims of the British Airways data leak have been left angry and disappointed, and with good reason. One of the reasons we’ve launched a No Win, No Fee compensation action is because we believe this leak was entirely preventable.

From the leak itself to the “bizarre” responses reported from affected customers, this is 2018’s big data scandal.

Customers angered over the British Airways data leak

Customers have shared their anger about the British Airways data leak. Some customers have identified fraudulent activity on their accounts and have been left in astonishment that this has happened.

Some feel that the airline is trying to avoid full responsibility for the incident as well.

A number of victims have been left angered at finding out about the incident on social media before receiving any formal notification. One person reported suspicious activity on their account but had yet had to receive notification that they were affected.

The communication and the handling of the incident has been widely criticised by victims of the leak. It hasn’t helped that the incident has affected hundreds of thousands of people as well.

Compensation for victims of the British Airways data leak

Victims of the British Airways data leak can sign-up to join the legal action we have launched for compensation.

You may be eligible be to claim for any financial loss caused by the leak, as well as for any distress caused as well. The distress claim alone could be £1,250.00 or more.

As referenced above, a number of victims have been left angered and feel let down at how the scandal has unfolded. This is common, and it’s incredibly distressing and inconvenient to be exposed to such serious risks.

That’s why we’ve agreed to represent victims of the British Airways data leak on a No Win, No Fee basis for claims.

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You can read more about the action we’ve launched for the British Airways data leak and contact our team here.

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First published by Matthew on September 26, 2018
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