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British Airways group action case green light: a landmark decision

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Last Friday, the British Airways group action case was given the go ahead by Justice Warby for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) to be formed, and it was a landmark decision.

Your Lawyers was appointed by order of the High Court of Justice to the Steering Committee that is responsible for conducting the BA Group Action. We were, of course, delighted with the appointment, which means that we remain at the forefront of this monumental battle for justice.

Last year’s cyber-attacks were huge in themselves. Since then, a record-setting fine has been provisionally set, and now we have the green light for the GLO to go ahead. In the world of data breach compensation claiming that we’ve been at the forefront of for many years, this really is landmark stuff.

Why the British Airways group action case is a landmark claim

The British Airways group action case is a landmark legal battle for a number of reasons.

We have one of the biggest airlines in the world that was at the centre of an avoidable cyberattack that resulted in around half a million victims having their personal information exposed. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a notice of intention to fine the airline a record-setting £183m; a figure that dwarfs all other previous fines that have ever been levied.

And then we have the battle for data breach compensation. Based on potential average estimated settlements of £6,000.00 per victims, BA is facing a potential pay-out of £3bn, which is precedent-setting stuff.

This will also be the first GDPR GLO as well.

The importance of our role in the action

We’re delighted to have been appointed by the High Court of Justice to the Steering Committee responsible for conducting the British Airways group action case.

The appointment is a testament to our experience of data breach compensation expertise over the years we’ve been fighting for justice in this niche area of law.

From the pioneering 56 Dean Street data leak action from 2015, to other well-known attacks like the TalkTalk data breach and the Equifax hack, our lawyers are working hard for a lot of people across a number of actions. In fact, we’re involved in dozens of data breach group and multi-party actions right now.

For the clients we represent in the BA Group Action, the appointment means that their case is in the hands of a firm that will be at the forefront of steering the litigation. For us as a firm, it means we can do what we do best; fighting the battle on the front lines.

Joining the British Airways group action case

You can sign-up to join the British Airways group action case quickly and easy by going to the BA Group Action website here.

We’re representing victims who claim with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We recommend that anyone who is serious about claiming make sure to sign-up sooner rather than later

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First published by Matthew on October 09, 2019
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