Claim compensation for holiday chain data breaches
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Claim compensation for holiday chain data breaches

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You could be entitled to claim GDPR compensation for holiday chain data breaches, and we may be able to represent you for a case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Your Lawyers, as Leading Data Leak Lawyers, have been involved in this niche, complex area of law for almost a decade. We represent thousands of people and have recovered over £1m in damages for mostly singular cases so far. Some of those we represent have been involved in holiday chain incidents, and victims of such events could be entitled to pursue a case now.

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Increasing risks of holiday chain data breaches

There are increasing risks of holiday chain data breaches in the UK and around the world, which has stemmed from the industry becoming more digitised as many other sectors have been in recent years. Not only can this mean that the risks of hackers trying to break into systems can be greater, as well as the risks of accidents and incidents leading to inadvertent exposure being a concern, we must also consider the heightened risks given the nature of the information that such companies will store and process.

Hackers target what they consider to be more valuable information. Holiday chains may require particularly personal and sensitive information, such as identification documents (including passport data) and financial information for payment processing. In the wrong hands, such information could open people up to fraud and theft, so it is vital that hotel chains do all they can to protect such sensitive information. From the perspective of a hacker, this kind of data is exactly the sort that they may want to target because of the damage they can do and the money they can make from it.

If you have suffered distress or loss as a result of your information being misused or exposed, the GDPR can entitle you to claim compensation. Most people claim for just distress, and you could be owed thousands of pounds in damages if a case is successful.

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A recent example: Holiday Inn / Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

There have been many holiday chain data breaches over the years, and there was a recent example that reportedly affected Holiday Inn owner Intercontinental Hotel Groups (IHG).

According to media reports, the company was hit by a cyberattack that stemmed from an unauthorised access event to some of its systems. As a result of the incident, booking services were disrupted, and the appropriate authorities and regulators are understood to have been notified.

According to IHG, no customer information has been lost as a result of the data breach. We can only hope that the incident does not result in any misuse or exposure of personal information given how sensitive the nature of such data can be.

Class action claims for data breaches

Many large-scale incidents such as holiday chain data breaches can often become a class action case, where thousands of claims can be joined together to be pursued efficiently. The term “class action” is more of the US description for what we would commonly call a group action here in the UK, but the term is often used in UK media. All it means is that many people can join their claims together to pursue them efficiently and, in the UK, they may form into a Group Litigation Order (GLO) where claims can be pursued as one set of proceedings.

Cases can still be resolved on their own individual merits, but this way of working can allow the similar and same issues to be dealt with much more efficiently.

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