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You can be eligible to claim compensation as a victim of a HIV status data breach, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

A HIV status data breach can be absolutely devastating. Medical data breaches are often among the worst because of the nature of the information that can be exposed, and a person’s HIV status is a prime example of how bad it can get.

We’re currently involved in legal action for a large group of victims claiming compensation for the 56 Dean Street HIV status data breach. The expert reports and witness testimonies show just how bad a HIV data leak can be.

Claiming compensation for a HIV status data breach

We may be able to offer you No Win, No Fee representation if you need to claim compensation as a victim of a HIV status data breach.

If you’re reading this as a victim of the 56 Dean Street incident, please contact the team ASAP. Two of the deadlines have already passed to claim, but we may still be able to help you.

If you’ve suffered a medical data leak that has led to your HIV status being compromised, you could be entitled to make a claim. We need to assess the case based on things like:

  • How your status was exposed;
  • Who was responsible for the breach;
  • Who now has access to the data in question.

We do need to assess each case individually, but it’s likely we can help you for claims in England and Wales. Medical data claims are often severe given the nature of the information that can be exposed, and in cases of a person’s HIV status being exposed, the impact can be life-changing.

How does a HIV status data breach compensation claim work?

Normally, we’ll start your HIV status data breach compensation claim by finding out more about what has happened and how it has affected you. We can then send a Letter of Claim to the Defendant (the organisation responsible for the breach) and ask that they accept liability for the cased.

We were successful in obtaining a swift admission of liability in the 56 Dean Street action, and we’ll look to do the same for you.

We can then obtain expert evidence and use that together with your testimony about the impacts of the breach to value your claim. It’s then a case of using this evidence to demonstrate the extent of the breach impact on you to then negotiate a fair settlement in terms of how much you may be able to claim for.

As you may have seen from this week’s news, HIV status data breach incidents do happen. For the victims, the impact can be severe and permanent.

Our message is simple: we can’t turn back the clock, but we can make sure that you’re fairly compensation. Don’t suffer in silence; contact our team for specialist help and advice today.

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First published by Matthew on January 29, 2019
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