Compensation for identity theft from a data breach
compensation for identity theft

Compensation for identity theft from a data breach

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Victims could be eligible to claim compensation for identity theft that has arisen from a data breach, data leak or a cyberattack event, and we can offer No Win, No Fee representation.

Data breach compensation pay-outs for legal cases like this can account for any financial losses incurred, but they can also account for the distress you suffer as well. It can be incredibly worrying for your information to be in the hands of criminals, and the law can entitle you to receive compensation for the distress you suffer from the loss of control of your private information.

This means that, even if you lost nothing or had your money returned, you could still be eligible for a claim.

How can your ID be stolen in a data breach?

If your name and email address, or telephone number, is compromised in a hack or a leak, this could be used by hackers to commit phishing attacks to dupe you into handing over access to accounts or more information. They could contact a victim by email, text or by telephone. If the details are linked to a company, they could pretend to be that company and use any other information like a customer number to trick you as well.

We saw this in the TalkTalk cyberattack when criminals contacted victims of the data breach and posed as TalkTalk contacting them to resolve real issues like problems or complaints. Unfortunately, some victims we assisted lost thousands of pounds as a result of being scammed. Those victims could claim compensation for identity theft issues that arise from the data breach.

How does identity theft work?

The mechanics as to how identity theft works can be varied, but criminals will often try to make sure that they can make the most of the data they have to be in the best position to make money from it

Payment card details that are compromised can be cloned to be used for purchases. Sometimes, small test purchases will take place and, if the details work, the criminals could then abuse the account. Some will try and make it look as legitimate as possible, so it isn’t always the case of sudden purchases taking place around the world. Most banks have algorithms to spot potential fraud and can freeze cards to prevent money from being lost. But a few purchases here and there can go unnoticed and can build up over time, and if they are used in locations you would normally visit, it can look legitimate, which does happen.

Wealthier targets can be more lucrative as they may not keep as much of an eye on their accounts as others may do.

Criminals could also take out loans or more credit out in your name as well. As long as they have enough information to make it look like they are you, it can be easily done. By the time a financier works out what has happened, the money could be in the fraudster’s account and could be no longer recoverable. Unfortunately, the first person they will come calling to is the victim who they think has taken out the finance, and this can be an incredibly distressing event

Information stolen in cyberattacks or found leaked online can be sold on the hidden dark web, and each data set could go for hundreds of pounds. The details for thousands could be up for sale in one batch as well, and the more information they have for one person, the more valuable it can be. This is why we always say that even a small data breach can be serious, because a little information can go a long way. When data is combined from more than one breach, it could go even further.

When you look at some of the big data breaches that we represent people for, you can see how risky they can be for the victims. Victims could claim compensation for identity theft arising from then British Airways cyberattacks, and if leaked data is abused from incidents like the Virgin Media leak, those victims may also have a valid case.

Compensation for identity theft from a data breach

Victims can be entitled to claim compensation for identity theft that has arisen from a data breach, leak or a hack event. Eligible clients can claim with us today on a No Win, No Fee basis as well.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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