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We have been fighting for the rights of data privacy victims for over six years, which is far longer than most other firms that have only started looking into cases in the last couple of years. Our experience speaks for itself; representing thousands of clients and having launched over 45 group and multi-party actions. We know of no other firms that can match our years of experience and number of actions launched in the UK, which is why we are considered to be proven experts in this niche and complex area of law. As a result of this, we are a go-to name for journalists and are often featured in the media.

We think this is important to let people know about, so you can be 100% assured when you trust is to represent you for your claim for compensation. Here is how we can help you.

Can you claim for a cyberattack?

You could be eligible to make a cyberattack compensation claim if your personal information has been misused or exposed as a result of a hack. You could be entitled to bring a legal case against the organisation that was hacked on the basis that they have failed to protect your data.

To be able to succeed with a case, we need to establish that the organisation that was hacked is in breach of the GDPR. They have a duty to take all reasonable steps to protect your data, and this comes down to things such as:

  • Having strong defences, like anti-virus software, professional firewalls, and by encrypting information;
  • Employing the right people, or hiring the right agents, who can make sure that the organisation is secure;
  • The ability to know when information is under threat or when an attack could happen, or is about to happen.

If we can show that not enough was done to protect the data, that is when you could be eligible to pursue a claim for data breach compensation.

What could you claim for?

A cyberattack compensation claim will normally be made up of two key parts:

  • General Damages: for any distress and suffering caused as a result of the loss of control of your personal information; and
  • Special Damages: for any losses and expenses incurred as a result of the breach.

It is important to know that you do not have suffered any actual losses or expenses to be able to claim. You can claim compensation for just the distress that you suffer, and this alone can be substantial. It is distressing to think that criminals may have your personal information, and they could abuse it at any time. People could be targeted for fraud and theft, and the risks of falling victim to crime are real.

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