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You could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in cyberattack compensation for travel and tourism data breach events, and we may be able to represent you for a legal case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

There have been plenty of incidents involving this sector, and previous (and recent) research indicates that there could be more to come. Until data protection is taken seriously, it is hard for anyone to feel that their personal and private information is safe.

Given the nature of the information and documents that could be exposed in a breach in this industry, the risks are clear. Due to how sensitive this kind of data can be, data breach compensation amounts can also be substantial.

Serious risks of massive cyberattacks

It looks like we will continue to launch large volumes of claims for cyberattack compensation for travel and tourism cases. If security research is to be taken seriously, it appears that not enough is being done by major companies in the industry to prevent hacks and attacks occurring.

Security researchers claim to have found a wealth of serious vulnerabilities involving a number of major travel service providers, from hotel companies to international airlines. It was also previously claimed that British Airways could have easily avoided their major data breach with a simple bug bounty that could have cost them as little as a few thousand pounds. Instead, they are facing a multi-billion-pound compensation action, and a significant regulatory fine that was provisionally set at £183m.

The research clearly ties in with what we know as a leading firm of consumer action and data breach compensation experts. We have launched over 45 group and multi-party actions, several of which involve the travel and tourism sector. Marriott is said to be one that researchers have flagged with concerns, and they are facing several legal actions for data breaches including here in the UK. We are representing victims of the easyJet cyberattack that was revealed over simmer, where some 9 million people have been affected. We were appointed to the Steering Committee responsible for the overall conduct of the BA Group Action last year as well.

In some cases, security researchers say that hundreds of vulnerabilities have been found, and we ask: what does this say about how seriously security is being taken? The introduction of the GDPR should have been enough of a deterrent for organisations, given how large the fines can be. The fact that several organisations are involved in massive legal cases should also act as a deterrent as well.

Despite this, it seems that organisations are just still not prepared to take data protection seriously.

What can victims of a data breach do?

Whilst organisations may not be taking data protections seriously, we do. You could be eligible to pursue cyberattack compensation for travel and holiday data breach events, and we may be able to represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We are already representing thousands of people for group and multi-party cases, and many of those are for data breaches and hacks in this sector. If we can prove that not enough was done to prevent the cyberattack taking place, that is when you could be entitled to claim compensation. Given the alarming number of vulnerabilities researchers are identifying, we could see many more actions happening in the future.

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If you want to join the BA Group Action, please see the dedicated website for this action here.

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