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When it comes to data breaches and stolen passport information, we are more than used to representing people for compensation claims that involve these issues.

As a leading firm of data breach compensation and consumer law experts, we have represented clients for cases where this kind of identification documentation has been misused or exposed. A data breach like this can lead to victims suffering significant distress, and some may also incur financial losses and pay out expenses as well. Although you can just claim for the distress alone, you can be entitled to claim losses and expenses as well.

We can tell you from experience that these kinds of incredibly sensitive personal data breaches can have a significant impact on the victim. It is always important to get the best legal representation you can for a case like this, and here is how we can help you.

How data breaches and stolen passport information are linked

When it comes to data breaches and stolen passport information, they can often go hand-in-hand. Identity documents and travel data are choice targets for hackers to go for, and we have seen plenty of incidents where this kind of information has been successfully hacked.

It can be valuable for criminals to use, so it can be valuable for hackers to target such data. The so-called dark web is the place where stolen passport information is up for sale and it could be used to create documentation convincing enough to be used. Passports could be cloned and / or stolen identities could be used for people to pose as real people.

The uses for such documentation can be numerous; from identity theft for financial gain, to organised criminals using forged documentation for illegal immigration operations. As well as the thought of your identity being used for dangerous criminal operations being worrying, there is also the risk of what happens if records are wrongly made about you as a person.

The last thing anyone wants or needs is to end up being questioned by officials due to the activities of criminals that have stolen and exploited your identity.

Has your passport or travel data been involved in a breach?

As you can see, data breaches and stolen passport information can mean real risk for real people. Not only could this cause problems for the victim whose data is being misused, but it can also be worrying to know that your private and sensitive information is in the hands is in the hands of criminals.

Knowing that it could – at any time – be used can cause a great deal of distress. Knowing that it has been used can be just as distressing, if not more worrying. Knowing that it could be used when you know you have been the victim of a data breach can all be a part of this.

This is why a claim for data breach compensation can be a common thing when the information exposed or misused is passport or travel information. Data breach compensation amounts can be significant when it comes to the involvement of sensitive information like this. It’s important that victims can obtain the justice that they deserve, and this is exactly what we can offer.

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First published by Author on August 26, 2020
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