Data Privacy Day 2021 – will we see future changes?
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Data Privacy Day 2021 – will we see future changes?

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Data Privacy Day 2021 was marked recently on the 28th January, the fifteenth time the day has been celebrated. Also called Data Protection Day in the UK and Europe, Data Privacy Day commemorates the signing of the first international treaty that was legally binding for governing data protection and privacy, named Convention 108.

After what had been another eventful year of data breaches in 2020, we believe it is important for all individuals and organisations to start 2021 with a positive, proactive approach to data protection. The commemorative day at the start of the year should be valuable in raising awareness about issues relating to data privacy, yet nothing ever seems to change as we continue to see breach after breach after breach.

At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – we aim to empower victims of data breaches to take action against those who have failed to protect their data, to ensure that the consequences of data breaches can be learned. We feel that it is the most proactive way forward given that no amount of legislation or commemorative days appear to be making the difference that is really required.

Marking Data Privacy Day 2021

Data Privacy Day 2021 marked 40 years since the signing of Convention 108, with many data protection regulators around the world taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the issues the day represents. The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, who is currently responsible for upholding data protection law in the UK, said the day and the Convention showed how important “cooperation” between countries is when it comes to data regulation.

Lessons that still need to be learned

With cyber threats and data protection breaches affecting vast swathes of the population in 2020, it seemed that Data Privacy Day 2021 was a perfect opportunity to take stock of the data events of last year. Cybersecurity and data privacy have never been more important, as many issues and events appear to have been sidelined in the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, so many data breaches are preventable, which makes the frequency of their continual reoccurrence a source of outrage for many. With the correct cybersecurity measures and data protection procedures, some of the major breaches of the last few years, including the Virgin Media, Equifax, and British Airways data breaches, may never have happened. We are currently representing thousands of affected victims across group actions against all three of these companies, many of whom have suffered undue distress and loss as a result of data protection negligence.

With Data Privacy Day 2021 highlighting the importance of education when it comes to data privacy matters, we would like to see more organisations taking the time to educate members and employees on how their individual actions play a role in ensuring data privacy. With human error labelled the culprit of 90% of UK data breaches in 2019 according to one set of data, raising awareness of personal responsibility is vital to preventing data breaches.

A couple of months on from the marking of the day, perhaps many organisations need to take stock and look back at the importance of making sure that data protection is always the highest of priorities.

Holding those responsible to account

If you have been a victim of data breach, your distress and loss may well have resulted from the ignorance or negligence of a third party who has failed to safeguard your data. In cases where liability can be proven, you may be entitled to claim compensation for the emotional and financial impact the breach has had on your life.

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