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Do people claim data breach compensation?

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OK, so do people claim data breach compensation? With many people not fully aware of their rights to justice, this can be a common question.

The answer is yes. We can tell you because we’re involved in over 20 different data breach group actions. On top of that, thousands have come to us for help over the years we’ve been representing victims claim data breach compensation. And thousands of pounds have been recovered for the people we help.

With more and more data suggesting that many consumers now look at an organisation’s history in terms of data breaches, it’s time for victims of incidents to know their rights for justice as well.

Do people claim data breach compensation?

A common question asked by some: do people claim data breach compensation? As a firm of Data Leak Lawyers who have had thousands of people ask us for help, the answer is most certainly yes.

Recent studies have indicated that there’s somewhat of a consumer backlash over data breaches. Some people have started acting in response to organisations who have found themselves in the limelight over a data breach incident.

Whether that’s people not using TalkTalk ever again after their huge hack, or people avoiding flying with British Airways over last year’s big data breach, the consumers’ voice is said to be getting louder.

Some studies have shown that the majority of consumers are prepared to stay away from an organisation that has committed a breach. With the vast majority always putting the blame squarely on the organisation, there seems to be little sympathy for any form of defence to a breach incident.

With big names like Facebook suffering data incidents time and time again, these issues are always in the news.

Do people know when they can claim data breach compensation?

It’s likely that people may not even know when they can claim data breach compensation.

The other issue is whether it’s worth it or not.

Well, from a recent spread of cases I looked at showing that the average settlement on our books is £6,500.00, it’s certainly worth making a claim in our view.

Do people claim data breach compensation? Of course they do. But some further education about rights and how much you can claim for is probably needed.

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First published by Matthew on February 20, 2019
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