Domestic abuse data breach compensation claims
domestic abuse data breach

Domestic abuse data breach compensation claims

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Domestic abuse data breach compensation claims are one of the most sensitive types of legal cases that we represent people for on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If this is something that has affected you, there is a way that you can obtain some form of justice for what has happened. You could be eligible to claim compensation, and we will outline what this means and what you could claim for below.

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What is a domestic abuse data breach claim?

A domestic abuse data breach compensation claim is a legal case where the victim whose personal information has been misused or exposed could be entitled to damages. The GDPR can allow a victim whose personal information has been involved in an incident to claim for the distress caused by the loss of control of their personal information.

Usually, in a case like this, information has been exposed to a perpetrator of domestic abuse. The breach victim is usually the victim of domestic abuse matters as well. In cases like this, the impact when personal information is exposed that involves domestic abuse can be incredibly damaging.

It could be that a medical professional or a local authority service has sent information about a victim to the perpetrator. If this happens in a case where victims have fled domestic violence, one simple leak could easily lead to the victim’s location being discovered.

We have a long history of representing thousands of clients for data breach compensation cases. This includes some of the most personal and sensitive individual and group / multi-party claims the UK has ever seen. We represent people whose personal data has been leaked to former partners where this has caused insurmountable problems. This includes cases where the steps that had been taken to protect the victims have been stringent and have been undone as a result of a simple but avoidable leak of information.

What could you claim for?

Although no amount of compensation may ever make up for the distress that can be suffered in a domestic abuse data breach case, it is a form of justice that is available for victims.

In most data breach compensation cases, you can claim for the distress, suffering and loss of amenity caused by a breach, as well as for financial losses and expenses as well. Impotently, you don’t have to have suffered any actual financial loss or incurred expenses to be able to claim. You can be eligible for compensation for the distress alone which, in a case like this, can be substantial.

Data breach compensation amounts are generally based on this principle: the more a person suffers, the more a compensation case can be worth. When we assess claims, we will usually account for factors such as the nature of the information involved, who data has been exposed to, or misused by, and how this affects the victim.

When we’re talking about a matter as personal and sensitive as domestic abuse, it’s clear that the impact can be substantial.

Free and confidential advice: no obligation to proceed

We appreciate how personal and sensitive a domestic abuse data breach case can be. As we said above, we have a great deal of experience in representing clients for incredibly sensitive cases.

We appreciate that you may need free and no-obligation advice about your options. We understand that confidentiality is important as well. That’s why we’re always happy to offer advice on this basis. If we do take the case on for you, our dedicated team will be able to handle your case in the strictest of confidence as well.

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