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While it may be difficult to believe that such a needless mistake can breach data protection law, countless data breaches have arisen as a result of files sent to the wrong address. Over email or by post, a minute error like this can allow an unauthorised third party to view personal information which they should never have seen.

The mistake alone can constitute a data protection breach, but further problems can arise when the recipient of the files has malicious intentions. In many cases, the recipient may delete or destroy the files upon request, but not everyone is a good citizen. Sending errors can pose several opportunities for data misuse, such as identity theft, fraud and scams.

As leading specialists in data protection law, we believe that the impact of a data breach should never be underestimated. As such, however small a breach may seem, the data controller responsible should be held accountable for their actions. If you have been affected by a data breach, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Examples of data breaches caused by files sent to the wrong address

Breaches of data protection regulations frequently occur as a consequence of files sent to the wrong address. For example, in a round-up of 231 data breach incidents at Sheffield City Council over the 2019-2020 period, it was reportedly revealed that the majority were caused by post or emails sent to the wrong person.

Similarly, there have been cases of medical information and documents sent to patients in error where they contain documentation for other patients. There have even been instances where documentation was supposed to be sent within the NHS and was sent out to patients in error instead.

In the wrong hands, leaked personal details like this could facilitate all kinds of information misuse.

Human error and data security

In 2019, a CybSafe report found that 90% of data breaches recorded by the ICO had been caused by human error. This shocking statistic serves to highlight that the example of files sent to the wrong address is part of a widespread issue of data protection negligence.

It is unacceptable that such mistakes continue to be made, given that they are entirely preventable if individual employees pay attention to the correspondence that they are sending.

Making a compensation claim

If your private information has been contained in files sent to the wrong address, you may be able to seek justice for any harm caused to you. A claim can cover the financial losses and expenses that have been provoked by the data breach, and also the distress that you have suffered due to the knowledge that your information has been exposed.

With Your Lawyers (T/A The Data Leak Lawyers), claiming compensation for personal data leaks can be simple and stress-free. We may only need a few details from you to be able to start your claim. Human error is never an excuse for a data breach, so contact us today to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential compensation claim.

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First published by Author on May 28, 2021
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