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Former manager pleads guilty in Equifax cybersecurity incident

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A former manager has reportedly pleaded guilty over charges being pressed arising from the Equifax cybersecurity incident of 2017.

We’re already representing a large number of victims as part of a group legal action we’re pursuing. Although the breach took place in 2017, and we have an established claimant group, it’s not too late to join the action.

A year on from the huge Equifax cybersecurity incident, we’re still only now seeing the results of investigations and criminal proceedings. The civil case for data breach compensation that we’re pursuing is also rolling on.

Guilty plea in Equifax cybersecurity incident

A former software development manager of the credit referencing agency has pleaded guilty over charges brought arising from last year’s Equifax cybersecurity incident.

Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu has reportedly entered the plea over charges being brought for insider trading. He stands accused of making more than $75,000.00 from insider trading using his knowledge of the breach before it went public.

He isn’t the only one who has faced these allegations either. He is due for sentencing later this month.

ICO fine for the Equifax cybersecurity incident

News of the latest guilty plea comes just weeks after the ICO (Information Commissioner’s office) issued a maximum fine over the Equifax cybersecurity incident.

Because the breach took place prior to the introduction of the GDPR, the maximum fine issued was £500,000.00. Had the incident have occurred after May this year, they could have faced fines in the hundreds of millions.

Claiming compensation as a victim of the Equifax cybersecurity incident

It’s not too late to join the legal action we’re fighting in for victims of the Equifax cybersecurity incident.

We have an established group since last year, but we’re still taking new cases on.

If you were affected by the incident, you may be eligible to qualify for our No Win, No Fee representation.

Find out more about joining the compensation action for victims of the 2017 data breach incident here.

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First published by Matthew on October 12, 2018
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