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Millions of users of hacked dating website ‘Beautiful People’ personal info sold online

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The personal details of 1.2 million users of the dating website Beautiful People are being sold online.

Members information for the dating site which caters for what they consider to be “beautiful people only” where users are voted in by existing users over a 48 hour period, is now being sold on the black market. The information available includes names, ratings, dates of birth, social habits, educational backgrounds, locations, income and financial information, personal interests, sexual preferences, and passwords.

Millions of messages sent between users are also said to have been leaked as well.

The dating website has been at the centre of previous controversy when tens of thousands of members were removed for not being attractive enough, and for putting on weight. The breach affects millions of people and involves data provided by members before July 2015. The hack was first reported last December, and members are reportedly being told about the breach.

A Prime Target

Dating websites can be prime targets because of the wealth of personal and often sensitive information available. You may recall that infidelity website Ashley Madison was at the centre of a huge data leak last year where members’ personal information and identifies was leaked online.

The information leaked, from the hacked dating website, is already available for sale on the black market and includes a wealth of very personal information that leave victims open to fraud, identity theft, and illegal marketing activities.

Real Data

Beautiful People allegedly tried to pass off the information as from a “test database” but irrespective of this, the data leaked is real data from real members; meaning its entirely irrelevant whether it’s from a test database or not.

The data is real data; the people affected are real; the damage is therefore very real.

No going back

As soon as information like this is freely online and available on the black market, it’s nigh impossible to get rid of it or to reverse any damage done. Once it’s out there, it’s out there; and the potential repercussions for the victims of the hacked dating website could be significant.

Cyber criminals are often organised, very intelligent, and very well equipped. They know how to sell detail easily and where to find the buyers as well.

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First published by Author on April 29, 2016
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