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If you’ve been the victim of an Amazon data leak, we may be able to help you claim data leak compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The most recent Amazon data leak took place last month, and there wasn’t a great deal of detail released about it. All that was said to victims was that some data had been exposed, and that victims don’t need to take any action. Although this may suggest that the leak was contained, people should always be vigilant. Companies should always ensure to warn people that they may need to take action.

One key element we do understand is that the most recent Amazon data leak reportedly stemmed from an API issue. This is important to know.

API problems could lead to an Amazon data leak

As we saw in the Amazon data leak that was revealed last month, API problems could be the cause of many more data leaks to come.

An API (Application Programming Interface) can be a weakness. An example API that Amazon uses is one for allowing access to view its products outside their website or app (for example, when you see them on Facebook). An API can be an additional doorway to a wealth of data.

At the end of the day, a data controller is only as good as their APIs.

That’s why cyber-criminals are reportedly targeting APIs more frequently now. An API could be the softest gateway, and in the run up to Christmas, there was apparently a 50% increase in cyber-attack attempts. It makes sense given the time of the year is when more and more people are shopping for gifts online.

What we could be seeing is increased efforts to target APIs instead of the companies themselves.

Can you claim compensation as a victim of an Amazon data leak?

With the selling platform being so popular, we wouldn’t be surprised to see future Amazon data leak incidents; especially if APIs are targeted.

If you ever fall victim to an Amazon data leak, you could be entitled to claim data leak compensation. You could be eligible to claim for any distress caused, and for any financial loss caused. It’s important to know that you don’t have to have suffered an actual monetary loss to claim.

We offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for data leak cases. Our initial advice is free and on an entirely no-obligation basis as well.

For more help and advice if you’ve been the victim of any form of data leak in England or Wales, please contact the team.

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First published by Matthew on January 07, 2019
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