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Healthcare data breaches and Covid

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The link between healthcare data breaches and Covid has been well-documented, with various studies and reports suggesting that breaches have been on the rise worldwide since 2020. With hospitals already under immense strain, it is unsurprising that they have become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, in addition to the usual internal errors and leaks and breaches that can take place.

While data security may have become somewhat of a peripheral concern during the coronavirus pandemic, it needs to be brought front and centre if the problem is to be tackled, and if data controllers are to prevent the problem from being exploited by criminals. In the past, data breaches have often highlighted the lacklustre approach to data protection at many healthcare organisations, where there can sometimes be a lack of cybersecurity resources and expertise.

But these shortages cannot be an excuse. If you have been affected by a healthcare data breach since the start of the pandemic, you could be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused. There is no reason for you not to seek justice when you have been harmed. As such, you can contact us for free, no-obligation advice if you think you may have a claim to make.

The link between healthcare data breaches and Covid

It is hard to comprehend exactly how much the coronavirus pandemic might have contributed to any rise in data breaches and cybercrime, but several studies have emerged showing what seems to be a close link between healthcare data breaches and Covid. One US study by Bitglass reportedly found that healthcare data breaches increased by 55.1% in 2020, with millions of US citizens affected. Although this study does not take into account UK figures, it can be an indicator of an alarming trend, and there are often similarities between us and the States.

In particular, it is believed that hackers saw the perfect opportunity to prey on the healthcare sector, looking to capitalise on the strain many organisations have been under.

The overall cybercrime landscape

Cybersecurity experts were right to warn of the growing dangers in cybercrime that have been brought by the coronavirus pandemic. The external threats posed to healthcare organisations appear to be part of a wider trend, which has seen a rise in things like password theft hacks and ransomware attacks.

As for the NHS itself, the huge spike in fraudulent communication seems to indicate a link between healthcare data breaches and Covid. NHS Digital figures reportedly revealed that the health service had to contend with almost 140,000 malicious emails last year, which is alarming.

Claiming compensation for a healthcare data breach

We have represented many claimants in response to a number of healthcare data breaches. Covid, in our view, has only put more patients at risk of data exposure.

For victims of healthcare data breaches, whether a hospital has exposed private information or lost medical records, compensation claims could help to achieve justice for any harm caused. Healthcare organisations must rise to the challenge of growing cybercrime threats. If they don’t, you have every right to assert your right to good data protection.

Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – as leading privacy compensation experts has years of experience in making data breach claims. You can contact us to receive expert advice on your potential claim.

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