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Higher risks of weekend data breach incidents?

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Research has indicated that the risks of a weekend data breach can be higher when it comes to hacks and attacks, which is another reason why it’s great that we’re open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Research has suggested that the risks of a weekend data breach can be higher because that’s when hackers may choose to launch an attack. The most popular day for an attack can be a Saturday, according to research.

And why is this? Well, a lot of businesses are 9-5 only. That means that the IT and security teams are likely not working on weekends. In fact, the external IT companies many businesses use may also be shut or operating with fewer staff. And that’s just another one of the reasons as to why we’re not a typical law firm given that we’re open seven days a week!

Hackers targeting the weekend data breach

So, hackers are inclined to launch a weekend data breach attack. It makes sense, and it may mean that the organisations they hit won’t become aware of an attack until the Monday.

For the victims, it can mean that the impact of the data breach is worse. Without the ability to defend the fort on a weekend, hackers could have free reign over data on a weekend. It could easily afford hackers more time to cover their tracks as well.

Unlike many businesses who stick to the only 9-5 regime, hackers can be operating 24/7.

What do you do if you notice something on a weekend?

You may notice something happen that’s indicative of a weekend data breach incident that may involve you. It could be a strange email from a company asking you to go to a site and input some information. That email could have been sent by hackers who have broken into a company’s systems on a Saturday and are using their legitimate email platform

You may know right away that your data is at risk, but you may not be able to get any help from the company that has been hacked.

But you can get help from us.

Although we can’t assist in solving any issue and stopping an attack in its tracks, we can help you make a claim for data breach compensation.

Further research has also suggested that an opportune time to notify victims of a data breach can be a Thursday or a Friday. Without sounding too sinister, it could be seen by some companies as an easier time to issue the bad news. It may also give them the weekend off if they’re not open and having to deal with complaints about a data breach issue. Not everyone would notice the notification email until it’s perhaps too late!

As for us, we’re open seven days a week throughout most of the year. We’re also open late on weeknights until 10pm on most days.

We know many other law firms still operate on the usual 9-5 regime, but we don’t. We’re here for you. If you need us on a weekend, we’re open 9am to 5pm on most Saturdays and Sundays.

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First published by Matthew on May 01, 2019
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