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You are entitled to claim for hospital data breach compensation if your personal and medical data has ever been leaked, hacked or generally breached.

A hospital data breach can of course be very severe, given the type of data they often hold about people.

A patient can be entitled to claim compensation for any distress or serious psychological harm caused as a result of a hospital data breach. Whether it’s general data or sensitive medical data that is private and personal, the avenue for compensation is available for victims.

Hospitals more susceptible to breaches

Hospitals can be more susceptible to data breaches for a number of reasons.

With the public sector often guilty of failing to properly train staff to ensure compliance with data protection laws, and hospital systems and servers potentially more easily hackable because some are old and outdated, it’s no wonder the healthcare sector sits at the top of the table for the most breaches.

In terms of a lack of training and protocols, there really is no excuse. Given the sensitive nature of the data a hospital holds, you would think they would prioritise data protection training; but, we are in the midst of what some say is an NHS “funding crisis”, so the blame here may well be with the government as opposed to individual hospitals.

It’s clear that the funds need to be available.

Easy target for cyberattacks

When it comes to cyberattacks, criminals actively target older and more outdated systems because they are usually easier to break in to. It can be a simple case of the fact that they are literally easier targets. What doesn’t help is the fact that hospitals hold such sensitive and private data, so they can be an appealing target for hackers to go for.

The “WannaCry” attack of last year was a testament to this fact. The malicious software targeted older and outdated systems and was successful in bringing large parts of the NHS to a halt.

Have you been affected by a hospital data breach?

If you have been the victim of a hospital data breach, you may be entitled to claim for data breach compensation.

With healthcare data breaches one of the more common types of claims we deal with, we are used to advising and representing victims of hospital data breaches, so you have options for advice and specialist representation.

Whether you are the victim of an individual case or a group case – both of which we help people with – you can contact our team for advice on 0800 634 75 75 today.

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