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Despite the growing threat of cybercrime, many people are still unaware of the risks posed to their personal data, and the damage that can be done when they fail to take action following a data breach. Many people may be familiar with the typical data breach notification emails that companies send out to affected victims, but some may not quite register how serious a data breach can be for the victims.

Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – as leading specialists in data breach law, want to make sure that everyone knows their rights in the wake of a data breach, and is aware of how to avoid any consequent risks. We know that it can be hard to navigate the stressful aftermath period, particularly when the company at fault is seeking to escape all blame for the breach. As such, we want to offer people a simple guide to the steps you can take after a data breach.

Protecting yourself and your data

Some studies have found that there are still people who are unlikely to take action following a data breach. A huge number of people taking part in prior research also admitted that they would be unsure of what action to take should they be affected by a data breach.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to help to protect yourself and your data following a data breach. These steps can include:

  • Changing the password of the affected account and of any accounts with the same password (although you should not re-use the same passwords across multiple platforms anyway);
  • Looking out for any unauthorised transactions on your bank accounts and alerting your bank as soon as you see any;
  • Being wary of potentially fraudulent communication, as fraudsters often use stolen phone numbers and email addresses to contact victims with scam messages and calls. People need to be very wary of this indeed.

Take action following a data breach by making a compensation claim

Although you can personally take action following a data breach, we believe that it is unfair for anyone to be put in this position. It is the responsibility of third-party organisations to protect the data in their possession, or they could be in breach of the law.

We believe that the severity of data breaches is still underestimated, despite the fact that they frequently hit the headlines. You should question any company that tries to downplay the impact of a data breach, as you could be in line for thousands of pounds in compensation and could be at serious risk of fraud and theft.

When claiming for a data breach, distress compensation can be awarded to those who have experienced the emotional impact of the data breach. Further, victims can also be compensated for any financial losses or expenses that they may have suffered as a result. Not only could you achieve personal justice, data breach claims also help to hold the defendant organisations accountable and dissuade them from making the same errors.

Make your claim to take action

To take action following a data breach that has affected you, simply contact us for free, no-obligation advice on your claim. A data breach should not go unpunished and making a claim can ensure that justice is achieved.

As leading specialists in data breach claims, we have been leading individual claims and group actions in privacy matters since 2014. Our appointment to Steering Committees for major Group Litigation Orders is a testament to our expertise in this area of law. You can trust that we have the experience needed to bring your claim.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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First published by Author on June 22, 2021
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