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How victims in the BA data class action are being affected

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It’s important to talk about how the victims who are claiming compensation as part of the BA data class action have been affected.

A lot of the customers who come to us for help have spoken about their concerns when it comes to the loss of control of their personal information. Many have also suffered from fraudulent activity that has happened to accounts linked to the breach.

In reality, there are many ways in which victims can be affected and can be targeted by scammers and criminals who will use the information exposed in the breach to do harm.

How victims in the BA data class action are affected

Thousands of people have signed up to be a part of the official BA data class action that we’re on the Steering Committee for, and there are many reasons as to why people are pursuing a case.

For most, the loss of control of their personal information which has now been exposed to criminals is distressing. Victims can be entitled to claim for the distress suffered, which can translate into a compensation pay-out.

In other cases, victims have suffered direct financial losses from fraudulent transactions on their accounts that are linked to BA. We can either look to recover any lost funds, or where money has already been recovered, we can factor in the additional distress that such an event can cause. This kind of incident can also mean that victims have to spend time changing account information and getting new cards, and many are now left watching their accounts more often to check for suspicious activity.

This is distressing and can cause a great deal of hassle, and these are factors that we can take into account when we represent people for a No Win, No Fee case in the BA Group Action.

Other problems that can arise

Those in the BA data class action can also be affected in many other ways. Some have been targeted by phishing scams, and scammers passing themselves off as BA or other travel operators is also a concern.

We saw this kind of thing a lot with the TalkTalk hack that we’re representing people for. Scammers have been contacting TalkTalk customers and pretending to be TalkTalk themselves, and they’ve been able to convince people because they have had vital data like contact information and account details. It only takes a little information being exposed for the risks to the victims to be huge.

Realistically, victims need to be incredibly aware as to the extent of how they can be targeted. New accounts could be set up in their names, and identity theft could cause a mountain of problems for people.

Joining the official BA data class action

You can start your case for compensation and join the official BA data class action by going to our website here to sign-up with our client group.

You can follow the first stage of our website process to confirm whether you’re eligible to join the action, and then if you want to start a case, you can do so right away. It’s a quick and easy process.

We’re representing victims for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis. However you’re affected, we may be able to help you.

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First published by Matthew on December 30, 2019
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