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iPhone app data breaches, leaks and hacks are on the rise as much as then use of apps continues to rise in everyday society.

Many people just assume that data on apps and phones is secure. Recent investigations and data breach incidents have told us a totally different story about the security of apps on phones.

People have a lot of reasons to worry. There have been a number of apps that have been comprised through poor security. Potentially millions of people are putting their private and sensitive data at risk every day.

iPhone app data leaks

iPhone app data leaks are happening all the time. In fact, some experts believe that millions of people are using apps that are simply haemorrhaging data.

A lot of people may not be fully aware as to how much of their data is being collected and shared by the apps they use. There appears to be a great deal of naivety, but people are entitled to know what data of theirs is used, and how it will be used.

It takes a data leak event for people to then become aware just how poorly iPhone app data is being managed.

iPhone app data hacks

iPhone app data hacks remain a growing problem as well. With their growing use, scammers and hackers are targeting this continually developing market. Some of the apps being put on the market are simply not secure enough. In fact, some of the developers haven’t even considered just how insecure their apps truly are.

Criminals can intercept data sent between phones and cloud-storage systems, like the iCloud. They can use weaknesses in the apps to be able to intercept the data. There was a recent incident or a family photo sharing app where this was happening.

It’s a worrying thought.

The We-Vibe iPhone app data group action

We actually have a group action running for an iPhone app data. Well, the action applies to the app on more than just the iPhone.

In the We-Vibe data breach, very private, sensitive and intimate data was being sent from an app linked to a smart sex toy. IT experts were also able to find a way of hacking the data as well. This is one of the many data breach group actions our lawyers are involved in.

Victims of an iPhone app data breach or hack can contact our team today for help about claiming for data breach compensation.

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First published by Matthew on December 20, 2018
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