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Lightify app vulnerability puts users at risk of being hacked?

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It has been discovered that internet connected light bulbs, produced by the company Osram, have multiple flaws that could allow hackers to access home Wi-Fi networks and not only potentially operate lights without permission, but give the hackers access to other devices that use the Wi-Fi network such as game consoles or Smart TV’s etc.

Who is Osram?

Osram is a company that has helped drive forward lighting technology. They have developed new products like the one in the subject of this blog – internet light bulbs – which allow users to switch their home lights on and off from their mobile device using an app.

What are the flaws with the Lightify app

One of the flaws that were identified was that the Osram smartphone app stored a copy of the user’s Wi-Fi password that was not encrypted, allowing hackers potentially easy access to all the devices that use that Wi-Fi network.

This can mean a potentially serious hack and / or data breach for those who use the Osram Lightify app.

Another flaw that was identified, was that hackers will have the ability to operate people’s lighting systems and even control their network.

These are two of the nine vulnerabilities that were identified by security firm Rapid7 who was able to hack into the system and identify the different vulnerabilities that they reported to Osram who have set about trying to rectify the problems.

Unacceptable and serious issue!

While issues that were found in the home version were not as bad as in the Pro versions, it still makes Osram customers potentially vulnerable to hackers.

It has been deemed an ‘unacceptable security flaw‘. A vulnerability that can allow a hacker to have access to your network is a very serious issue and it is well known that passwords should be encrypted in order to stop hacks from happening.

With many people reusing the same passwords for many things on the internet, it can allow hackers greater access to your personal information and accounts!

Osram have said that they are analysing the vulnerabilities and plan on remedying them with a software update that will be released in August. However, Osram have said it will fix the ‘majority’ of the problems, meaning that some vulnerability may still remain.

A potential claim?

If a breach was to happen as a result of the security flaw, due to Osram failing to encrypt Wi-Fi network passwords and customers are hacked and data is breached then Osram customers may be able to claim compensation.

If you’ve been a victim of a data breach then as Data Leak Lawyerss we can help and urge you to contact our team to find out if you have a claim to make.

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First published by Author on August 02, 2016
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