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Losing trust after data breaches

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When data breaches occur, the effect on the victims can be extremely severe, as they can be exposed to many different kinds of data misuse. The psychological impact of a data breach can sometimes be its worst consequence, with the majority of victims suffering some degree of stress or anxiety. As such, it is unsurprising that many victims lose trust after data breaches, not only in the third party that caused the breach, but more generally, as they may find it difficult and worrisome to disclose data under any circumstances in future.

Although it may be difficult to lessen your worries, it is important to remember that the law is on your side. We are here to help anyone claim the compensation the GDPR can entitle them to in the event that a third party fails to protect their personal data.

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Victims’ loss of trust after data breaches

When we disclose data to a third party we naturally, and reasonably, expect this information to go no further than the company it has been disclosed to, and the database in which it is stored, unless we consent to otherwise. When this fundamental expectation is invalidated, it can cause immense distress for victims, who may be feel betrayed, anxious and stressed.

Experiencing loss of trust after data breaches is perfectly natural given the risks that the exposure of your personal data can induce. In the wrong hands, private data can be used for several types of criminal activity, including:

  • identify theft, whereby criminals use your data to impersonate you, often for the purposes of financial fraud;
  • phishing emails, in which criminals pose as a reputable company in order to trick victims into handing over further personal information;
  • other scams and fraud attempts, such as phone call scams.

Reputational damage and holding the company accountable

In fact, the knock-on effects of the loss of trust can be incredibly bad for business. One report by Centrify reportedly found that 65% of data breach victims lost trust after data breaches, with companies experiencing an average stock price decline of 5%. In fact, even organisations that experienced a loss of only 5% of customers lost out on a reported £3.07 million on average.

To guarantee that companies learn the lessons of data breaches, victims can bring compensation claims against them to hold them accountable. Claiming for any distress and financial losses and/or expenses that have been caused, a compensation claim can help to account for the terrible experience of losing trust after data breaches.

Make your compensation claim

We should never underestimate the harmful and often long-lasting effects of a breach of data privacy. No one should have to worry every time they disclose personal data, which is why we are here to recover compensation for those affected by data breaches.

The law gives you every right to expect sufficient data protection, so reach out to us if you believe your rights have been breached. Our expert data breach team is here to offer free, no-obligation advice to anyone with enquiries, and we are able to take on eligible claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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First published by Author on May 14, 2021
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