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Compensation claim launched against Lovense app over allegations of secretly collecting intimate usage data

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We have blogged about this before, but here is an update about a case that has been launched. As a reminder, we are acting for a large number of people claiming for the We-Vibe data breach scandal when it was discovered that the sex-toy software was secretly collecting information about the use of the product that they were not entitled to. Not only that, but hackers were reportedly able to break into the associated app and essentially “control” the device.

Now, there is a new legal case for a different remote sex-toy that is allegedly collecting user data secretly as well. According to papers already filed in a legal case, Lovense, a division of Hong Kong-based Hytto Ltd, is collecting and recording the intimate data of the users of their products.

The case alleges that Lovense’s Lush vibrator, a device that can be controlled by the user or their partner via a mobile phone app called Body Chat, is recording and collecting the intimate data about the toy’s use. The manufactures of the internet-connected vibrator did accept last year that a minor software bug had allowed an incident of accidentally recording sessions on some android devices, but this new lawsuit goes further.

The claim alleges that “highly intimate and sensitive data regarding consumers’ personal use” of the device has been collected and recorded. Aside from the known bug issue, Lovense say they are not collecting data illegally and have assured users that there is nothing to be concerned about.

But, this new age of “smart” sex toys and software being used for intimate purposes does raise questions over data privacy and safety.

Given the number of high-profile cyber-attacks and data leaks / breaches we have had to deal with, including the we-vibe sex toy data breach, it’s fair to say that people have a right to be concerned over this issue.

Any company that collects or handles your data has to do so in accordance with the Data Protection Act – amongst other legislation – and any data handled must be safe and secure. So, what if a server is hacked, and a smart sex-toy device is compromised without people knowing? How can we ever rest assured that our mobile devices have not been compromised? Experts say that the security of apps on phones is already a huge concern, with many apps simply not being secure enough. People have the right to data privacy, but how can we be confident such intimate data is ever going to be safe?

The we-vibe scandal was a huge scare for people. It is understood that intimate data had been collected and recorded and sent back to the company behind the product, which is why we have launched a number of cases for victims of the We-Vibe data breach scandal. As our Data Leak Team are already representing a large group of victims for the We-Vibe data breach scandal, please feel to contact our team by calling 0800 634 7575 if you have yet to make a claim and you would like to join the action.

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First published by Author on March 30, 2018
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