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As a Steering Committee law firm, we’ve made the process for starting your BA data breach case quick and easy.

If you’ve yet to join the BA Group Action, here’s a little guide about whether you can join, what the risks are, and what you need to do. We’ll also touch on our important role in the litigation and give you a little insight as data breach compensation experts about how we work as well.

This is set to be the biggest data breach compensation action there has ever been. If you were affected by the 2018 cyber-attack incidents, you don’t want to miss out.

Are you eligible for a BA data breach case?

In short, you should be able to make a BA data breach case if you were affected by either of the 2018 cyberattack incidents.

You can claim compensation for any distress that has been caused, and for any financial losses incurred as well. However, you don’t have to have suffered distress or any losses to be able to claims. A recent ruling in the High Court has paved the way for people to claim just for being the victim of a data breach in some circumstances.

You should have been informed if you were affected by the data breaches. If you’re not sure, you can always check your eligibility using our form on the BA Group Action website here.

Are there risks to claiming?

We can’t speak for all other law firms. There are a few firms that have only just started looking into data breach compensation claims, and we don’t know what others do in terms of agreements, or even how good they are.

In terms of how we work, we can easily put your mind at rest with this vital information:

  • We offer No Win, No Fee representation. If the case doesn’t win, we can write off our legal fees;
  • We’ve obtained insurance and funding for our BA data breach case clients. This means you can benefit from the resources in place to pursue your case, and you also have protection from our insurance in the event anything goes wrong;
  • We’ve been appointed – by order of the High Court of Justice – to the Steering Committee that’s conducting the BA Group Action litigation. Claiming with us means that you’re claiming with a firm that’s at the forefront of the fight for justice;
  • The BA action is one of dozens of data breach group actions we’ve involved with, and our first one dates back to 2015.

What you need to do

Starting your BA data breach case is really easy. All you need to do is go to the BA Group Action website here and complete the information to be able to join if you’re eligible.

You can enter into the important No Win, No Fee agreement, and agree to the funding and insurance in place immediately as well.

It’s as simple as that.

What happens once you have started a case?

Once you’ve given us the go ahead and your signed-up to the agreements, all you need to do is then provide us with any information and evidence we need, and we’ll keep you updated.

Check out the BA Group Action website here for what you need to do!

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First published by Matthew on November 04, 2019
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